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atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Sad story. Is it really acceptable that we can't stop sh!t like this.

coughdrop1989 0 months

Yawn, unfortunately nobody cares. Which is a total bummer because I would totally be down to destroy some cities so we could get some actual help to those who really need it instead of trying to dismantle the police department and make them less effective.

J.S. Dietrich
J.S. Dietrich 0 months

Sounds like the 13/52 gang to me

John 0 months

But !!! B.L.M. ?

Yankee 0 months

Black Lives Matter ONLY when they say they do .

Shmule 0 months


Something Generic
Something Generic 0 months

The fact that you people feel the need to mention BLM or anything about race speaks volumes about who you really are. None of the articles mention race or BLM, I wonder how people can claim to keep up with the news when they don’t actually read the article?

Leonard 0 months

Detroit, another liberal black slithole city.

bobby_5150 0 months

Black Lives Matter? Anyone? Anyone?

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