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Ex McDonald’s employee files a lawsuit against the giant food company

Ex McDonald’s employee files a lawsuit against the giant food company

Maria E. Ruiz Bonilla, a former employee at McDonald’s in San Jose, California, was fired after working at the joint for more than 16 years. This was because Bonilla staged many employee protests for the food chain failed to follow coronavirus protections. She filed a retaliation lawsuit against McDonald’s on Friday demanding them to issue her pay and cover the cost of damages.

J “dr love” S
J “dr love” S 1 weeks

They were so concerned about getting the virus they refused to work. Didn't McDonald's do them a favor? Sit safe at home collect unemployment like the loser you are

Mutatis 1 weeks

"the local health department found the store had plenty of hand sanitizer and soap and that staffers were following social-distancing instructions on an April 16 visit to the location, McDonald’s told Business Insider. Masks and gloves also arrived at the restaurant on April 12, the company reportedly said. Ruiz’s allegations “are untrue and cannot be substantiated,” the Chicago-based chain told The Post in a statement. “The employee was terminated after a thorough review found that she falsely reported a safety violation, created and provided false evidence, and lied during the investigation.”

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 1 weeks

Mickey D’s doesn’t pay out on these light weight lawsuits. You started a protest at a company site on company time. Welcome to unemployment.

Ben 1 weeks

How about the media write about all of the businesses that actually comply with the CDC regulations and do everything possible to support a safe working and customer environment?

TexasReb 1 weeks

McDonalds is accused of firing a worker who protested OR because they protested? Huge difference.

Doug 1 weeks

Of course this wouldn't have anything with her being a bad employee. That would mean taking responsibility. Oh that's just too scary.

Jason 1 weeks

Misleading headline. What does "lax" mean? And why isnt it in quotes if it is used in am article? Or did the writer just throw some opinion at us. Do we know if the standards are following local and fed laws? Or is this just a panic peice?

William 6 days

A ", critical Mcdonald's employee" lol......they "refused" to let her wear a Mcdonald's is a joke.... over 80% of McDonald's employees wages are subsidized by the government... meaning most of their employees collect one or more forms of government assistance because they pay their employees poorly..... even their "critical" employees. I should mention that in North Dakota in 2008 , McDonald's was paying 14-$15 an hour to start (during the housing market crash) because they needed workers and the cold weather/ harsh climate is a deternt for many illegal immigrants, thus creating a great situation for regular american kids, young adults needing a livable wage, as it drove salaries up, for obvious reasons. I can't resist, did she spill a hot coffee on her lap as well...

Ben 1 weeks

Depends on what was actually lax.

TheOtherBiden 1 weeks

Oh this poor girl, who will I get my breakfast burrito from now.... oh... sorry guys they got someone new already no worries! Breakfast burritos are a-go!

Maxim 1 weeks

If they don't want to work they get fired... simple

OUTRAW mf 1 weeks

They did her a favor. 16 years at McDonald's? Time to get a real job

Sirax 1 weeks

I'm concerned about the Netflix and the woman who waited for unemployment...

David Shechtman
David Shechtman 4 days

For once I agree with this wannabe AOC

Arthur 5 days

Anyone lying about safety concerns must be taken to task!

Joseph 6 days

It's her right to protest and their right to fire her. Next story

IvoryDove 6 days

16 years in an entry level job. Wow. I wouldn't trust her to tell me what time it is.

Dave 6 days

Because Maccys doesn't have enough money to pay for a team of top lawyers to crush the suit or keep it tied up in court till she runs out of money to pay her fees and has to give up. I doubt any company will do pro bono against a corporation like Macdonalds without 100% concrete guarantee that they would win and get a massive payout.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 6 days

You got yourself a different problem. Its called being a couch potato 🥔.

Kent 6 days


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