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Mike Pence heckled during speech at Faith & Freedom Coalition summit

Mike Pence heckled during speech at Faith & Freedom Coalition summit

Former VP Pence was heckled Friday as he spoke at the conservative Faith & Freedom Coalition’s summit in Orlando, Florida. Reporters watching said the jeers included cries of ’traitor!’ Pence on Jan. 6 affirmed President Biden’s election victory in the Electoral College, infuriating then-President Trump and his supporters.

Imperial Nerd
Imperial Nerd 0 months

I mean their not wrong. Not backing Trump- even if he still lost- was political suicide for his base.

Rocky 0 months

I fail to see how he was a traitor. It was a failure of the state executives that didn't enforce the election laws, and the courts for not holding the government accountable for violating the laws. The vice president has no authority to overturn state election certifications. There is a lot of blame for a lot of failures and illegalities that occurred during the election, but none of it belongs to pence.

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 0 months

LOL Trumpublicans don’t even know why they call him a traitor. January 6th they wanted his head…insurrection and THEY are the traitors

steve 0 months

From Mega-church to MAGA-church. So much for the moral majority. Evangelicalism has evolved into little more than a doomsday cult. All it took was for Trump to move the embassy to Jerusalem, surround himself with wack-jobs and false-prophets from the fringes of Christianity, and suddenly he’s King Saul reincarnated meant to usher in the end times.

SD 0 months

Who cares? You lost me at "faith conference". These are the same "faithful" who would crucify Jesus all over again if He appeared today preaching tolerance and charity.

Emmie 0 months

Though I vote conservative, I am appalled by the "Christian" nationalism. Trump doesn't hold a candle to Mike Pence where it counts - in character and holding to the promise to uphold the Constitution. If Trump would have learned from his VP, there could have been a much different, and better, outcome last November, even if Trump still lost. Statesmanship is Mike Pence.

BlueGrover 0 months

The only thing Pence did was refuse to totally violate the constitution when trump asked him. Oh, and he managed not to have been caught by rioters and ripped to shreads on Jan 6. This ruined the plan to have a reason to declare martial law and suspend the election certification and the transfer of power.

Stanley 0 months

The Guardian, and any other media doing the same thing, are incorrect to confuse Christian support and secular conservative support as being the same thing. They are not. There are Christians who supported Trump--they winced at his profanity and opposed his obscenity, but they voted for the pro-life platform and for conservative judges. And then there are secular populist supporters who support him as an anti-establishment maverick, who use the same profanity toward Democrats than Trump would use, who glory in his iconoclasm. A similar leader, with a similar division in support, is in the Philippines.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 0 months

Him and the majority of trump supporters are traitors.

Fred V
Fred V 0 months


Seekster 0 months

Pence is no traitor.

SmokeWizard 303
SmokeWizard 303 0 months

Pence is a total backstabbing boot licker and that smug look on his face really makes me wanna punch it. Hard.

Runaway 0 months

If Republicans think Pence is a traitor, then they are admitting they are a fractured, broken nothing of consequence political party and won't be for quite a while.

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