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US records highest daily COVID-19 case total since July

US records highest daily COVID-19 case total since July

The US reported more than 69,000 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, the highest daily count for the country since late July. There have now been more than 8M COVID-19 cases reported and at least 218,600 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. The surge comes as experts warn the nation could face a ’substantial third wave’ of infections that will be further complicated in the winter.

Mikey Likes It
Mikey Likes It 1 weeks

More panic porn from the media.

Diddy 1 weeks

This doomer rhetoric can only last so long. Wake up people.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 weeks

For anyone that wants to put c-19 in perspective,the CDC has this page discussing excess deaths: From one of the graphs, the expected # of deaths in the US not including covid is around 60,000 per week. A back of the envelope ccalculation gives 1.79 million deaths from mid-March to now (~30 weeks) compared to the 210,000 "covid" deaths. Yes 210k is bad, but people should try to understand the relative risk as they make decisions about their lives.

Julian 1 weeks

We’re all gonna die!!!! 🙀🙀🙀🙀😩😩😩🤡🤡🤡

David 1 weeks

Guess what, knowing what we know about this virus, knowing it's not as bad as it was predicted to be maybe just maybe its gonna be something we live with like the flu. If we stop testing every day our lives will be like they were pre covid. If you want to wear a mask, wear it. If you don't, don't. Cases mean nothing anymore but fear mongering. All we hear are new cases.

masonic 1 weeks

To flatten the curve wear a mask properly and social distance and wash your hands constantly but some people are their best worst enemy due to a lack of self control and discipline and an overabundance of emotional immaturity being void of reasoning, logic and common sense. In America it should be called the stupid peoples virus.

Rocky 1 weeks

The US is one of the only 1st world nations that has actually had decreasing numbers recently. UK was up thousands of percent while the EU as a whole was up over 700%. America has been outperforming the other nations by leaps and bounds.

John W
John W 1 weeks

But deaths and hospitalizations keep dropping steadily. Obviously the virus has mutated and or the tests sre overly sensitive.

Doug 1 weeks

So? The significant number is that of how many people actually died of Covid. No one is interested in the number of people who catch the flu. People are far more concerned about how many people died from the flu. Stop trying to peddle fear.

Gina 1 weeks

How much real this has to go. Republicans have used all this time to crush everything good about US. It’s all because no one believes covid is real.

Dubioushat 1 weeks

Everyone wearing a mask reduces the spread of Covid-19.

David 1 weeks

There is such a confusing range of information and opinion and disinformation on the internet that you can justify just about any belief you want. So assuming you are interested in the truth, how do you find it? The only real way is to research and then use independent critical thought to come up with what you believe is the correct answer. If you listen to Fox news or CNN or your friends you will get someone else's opinion. Here's what I did to figure out what I think is the truth regarding the effectiveness of masks. Hopefully it will help other people. I Googled "do masks prevent the spread of covid-19". I then went to the web pages of the first 10 results and read them. Here is the most important point: as you read, keep an open mind, and look for science. If you look at opinion then you're just hearing someone else's viewpoint, not thinking for yourself. I saw some results that went against my beliefs but I still considered them. In the end I decided that masks do help prevent the spread of covid, but they are more effective at preventing transmission. Here's what I read that changed my mind, because it is fact-based science and makes sense. The virus is extremely small, and unless you're wearing an expensive high-end mask, it can fit through the weave of the mask material easily. However when you talk or sneeze the virus leaves your mouth in liquid spheres of spit, not just by itself. These spit balls are much larger than the virus, and some are indeed caught in the mask. This means less virus is in the air to infect others. The masks do less to prevent infection because once these spheres of fluid are in the air they break up into smaller balls and these go through masks more easily, but some of the larger ones are still caught in the mask. So the bottom line is that masks do help prevent the spread of Covid, and when you buy one, buy the best one you can afford with the smallest holes. Follow this process of deductive logic for any big question you have. Follow the facts no matter where they lead, even if they go against your current beliefs. This takes courage and an open mind, but if you do it, you will join the esteemed ranks of people who think for themselves and know what they are talking about. It feels really good, it makes you a hero in a way, try it 😄👍

Tyler 1 weeks

“Don’t worry because the virus is going to disappear” wise words from a dummy

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 1 weeks

News Flash. You're all being brainwashed.

Jon 1 weeks

Wisconsin is now building field hospitals. We will be back to where we were in April in no time.

ken taro
ken taro 1 weeks

just wear a mask so we can open our businesses. please and thanks.

TrumpUrAss 1 weeks

I wonder how many actually got it directly from trump, on his corona rallies.😂😂

Michael 1 weeks

I thought it was over?

Buffalo Guts
Buffalo Guts 1 weeks

Oh no. People got the sniffles. Who are the Covid19 dead people?? Where are their names and faces. All disasters with victims has an honour roll of the dead. Where is it? Biggest practical joke ever.

Martin 1 weeks

You can’t expect americans to act selfless. Their ego and lack of self awareness makes it difficult, then add how smart they all think they are and it’s impossible.

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