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John 2 days

I'm curious to see how efficiently all these solar panels can be recycled when they need to be replaced in a few decades.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 2 days

Until you account for the battery storage that is.

Vark 2 days

I am actually super happy at the increasing efficiency and long-term life of solar energy panels. Tesla is investing in long-term battery storage for solar with lower loss of energy. I hope the product continues to grow in efficiency and availability. Imagine the common usage potentiality of solar energy with conjunction to standard grid.

Nathan Schmidt
Nathan Schmidt 2 days

hmm I wonder if there is some older technology. that's already had about 7 decades of refinement, that could largely kick our dependence on fossil fuels...and do so without destroying the climate in a way far more aggressive than fossil fuels

Dustin Yesterday

If we build Nuclear plants we can sufficiently power this country, it gives off ZERO Co2 and is reliable. Technology has improved so we have better ways to deal with Nuclear Waste and it's a lot safer then people think.

IIZard 2 days

Who approved this story? The yahoo link doesn't even work.

Montgomery 2 days

It's good that solar is more green. But I'm old enough to remember that plastic was going to save the world's trees.... Solar uses toxic minerals. How will we handle the recycling? Personally hoping for fusion but that will probably also have problems

TheMadDane Yesterday

Yay cover the whole planet in solar panels. They're greener than trees. Lol

Something Witty
Something Witty Yesterday

Dude, who cares about solar? Nuclear is where it’s at if you wish to free all of humanity from energy constraints.

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