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Pro-democracy protests in Thailand enter day 5

Pro-democracy protests in Thailand enter day 5

Activists in Thailand launched their fifth consecutive day of protests calling for the prime minister’s resignation, a more democratic constitution and a reformed monarchy. Police officials have warned the demonstrators that they are violating the law and have arrested a few people from the peaceful rallies held on Saturday in Bangkok.

Trevelyn 6 days

Let's swap the people out .We will give them ANTIFA and BLM and all the Anti American Politicans. like Hillary and Obama.We will take the Pro Democracy hard workers .

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 6 days

To anyone who feels oppressed in a Western country: please take note of most of Asia, Africa, South America, and the Mid-East; then compare.

Doug 5 days

Despite all the protests, things in Thailand sure have gotten better. Back in the day, these protests would have been brutally cruahed.

coughdrop1989 6 days

Funny thing is Thailand has had a coup every 4.5 years on average for the last 8 decades. Let that sink in for a moment before you post something you have no idea about.

sdrgram 5 days

Anti-government protest does not necessarily equate to pro-democracy despite all their claims. There are plenty of people who do not agree with this protest. That does not mean that they are not pro-democracy. I wish some western media would stop using words that take one side and make the other side a villian.

MozartFX 5 days

Another CIA led coup no doubt.

Katharine 5 days

Hope it works!

WWG1WGA 6 days

Pattaya is amazing. Good for them

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