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Judge sides with Florida and says CDC cannot enforce Covid cruise ship rules

Judge sides with Florida and says CDC cannot enforce Covid cruise ship rules

A federal judge has ruled for Florida in a lawsuit challenging the CDC order making it difficult for cruise ships to sail due to the Covid pandemic. The judge wrote in a 124-page decision that Florida would be harmed if the CDC order, which the state said effectively blocked most cruises, were to continue. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody praised the decision in a statement Friday.

Spaceghost 0 months

DeSantis is crushing it in my state of Florida! Come to Florida and be free of the fear mongering and spend your money.

Kathy 0 months

The “blocking” of cruise ships or any forms of mass transit must be legal and approved by an appropriate authority! There is no activity that doesn’t carry some risk! The public deserves to know what that risk is and how to mitigate it, then they should be allowed to decide whether to accept that risk! The medical “authorities” have been poor managers of risk management, erring on the side of extreme solutions with very little data! All they have accomplished is to make Americans experience the Chinese version of “total control” for no appearent reason!

chris 0 months

For years they've been floating virus incubators and would never get one. But they have the right to operate if the follow real safety procedures. This is an example where quarantine should be required for re-entry.

Seekster 0 months

Texas and Florida are both doing very well right now.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 0 months

Pretty sure CDC has no authority other than to give guidelines..

Dale 0 months

Profit over people: is this now the Flordia way?

Martin 0 months

Florida is losing money from me and many others. No way I'm going to cruise again from Florida. Too many idiots there. NOTE to the PC police. I will not give any money to support your site if you insist on censoring me.

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