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’Maybe I’ll have to leave the country’: Trump on if Biden wins

’Maybe I’ll have to leave the country’: Trump on if Biden wins

Addressing supporters at a campaign event in Georgia, President Donald Trump joked that he might have to leave the country in case former Vice President Joe Biden wins the presidential election in November. The President claimed that he would deliver ’optimism, opportunity and hope’, and said that he was up against ’the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics.’

Montgomery 2 weeks

Wall street and the banks will always back Biden. He is their guy. They baught him long ago and he stayed loyal

Don 2 weeks

This is no joke. Out of the presidency, Trump has a good chance of an IRS audit and faces penalties and fines. The only cure is to move off shore, maybe Russia or North Korea where he made some new friends. Certainly not South America. Perhaps he could buy some African nation, put on a uniform with a lot of medals, and be a General and Emperor-For-Life.

Chelsea 2 weeks

Yes please!!!!! Bring all your inc3l supporters too!!!!!! 🤡✊🇺🇸

Tony 2 weeks

Trump never “jokes.” Stop undermining a narcissistic, totally off the rails, and wannna be dictator! His type mental illness doesn’t know how to joke!

Tony 2 weeks

Leave and go to Russia! I’m sure you and Pootie will get along fine!

michael 2 weeks

Yeah, tax evasion is serious crime, lots of Mobsters flee the country to evade justice.

Lev 2 weeks

Yeah maybe Trump will leave the country by making his last official state visit to Israel and then slipping away from his secret service detail and Spirited Away to Moscow where all the Russian spies and traitors reside after they've done their job... if not Israel, it will be Serbia or China or some other Loosely aligned country on good terms with Russia. Then in about six months he'll release an ultra successful book, personal memoirs about how he sold out United States to Russia for "30 pieces of silver".

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 2 weeks

That's fine we don't want career criminals here especially those that have a 💩💩💩💩 ton of $$$ but'don't pay any taxes at all. As a matter of fact if you ask me we should hang them

Frank 1 weeks

Hahaha! Lol Countries with no extradition treaty with US. African Republic, Chad, Mainland China, Comoros, Congo (Kinshasa), Congo (Brazzaville), Djibouti, Equatorial. Mauritania, Micronesia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Niger, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Rwanda, Samoa, São Tomé & Príncipe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia. Just to name a few. Remember what Trump called these places. Maybe they won't even take him. Ha!

Mac 2 weeks

Every country but Saudi hates you lol where will you go? God we wish sobering would take you. You only destroyed every facet of American society. Divided the country. Then killed thousands of Americans, of course Biden is going to win dumb dumb, even with all the cheating and fake ballot boxes and voter roll purges, throwing out mail in ballots, and trying to make an election a court battle, you will still lose lol , America rejects you and your traitor cult. We will accept Republicans that know your a sociopath lol

solodolo 1 weeks

I'm pretty much convinced the far right could literally watch trump decapitate a human being in front of them and they'd still find a way to explain away, deflect or flat out deny it. It's sad but also slightly entertaining to watch, they are so smooth brained. I'm not particularly supportive of joe biden but if you seriously agree with trump's assertion that biden is the worst candidate history, please do your research on US history. Literally that can be disapproved with a quick google search. Trump literally lies so much, it's his default setting, he doesn't even attempt to make his lies make sense, I'm not even sure he is aware that he's lying at this point, it's pathetic.

Linda 2 weeks

I think the IRS,and the UNITED STATES /NEW YORK PROSECUTORS will have something to say about that, and his kids will definately get prosecuted,! too! Too many laws broken even when you have the highest US ATTORNEY in your pocket, after all barr is acting like his personal attorney!!

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks

Ah yes gotta love drinking leftist tears in this comment feed. So many leftists virtue signaling and spreading their TDS delusions.

William 1 weeks

We don't want you to leave the country. We don't want you to die of covid-19. We want you to stand trial for your crimes against humanity, treason, tax evasion. Send his orange ass to ADX in Colorado.

themdg 1 weeks

Masterful trolling. Just look at the froth in these comments. Heh.

Rebeca 1 weeks

Putin will keep the light on for you, Drumpf.

NotvotingTrumpagain 1 weeks

Let's hope he goes far far away. I will help him pack.

Midnight Meatwagon
Midnight Meatwagon 2 weeks

When Hunter is your son, you need every penny you can get.

Konrad 2 weeks

Mr. Donald Trump can turn this around, all he has to do is to never bash Biden again.

Dump Trump
Dump Trump 2 weeks

Lol worst candidate in history it's like he is talking about himself, 🤣🤣

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