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Thousands protest Trump’s Supreme Court pick at Women’s Marches

Thousands protest Trump’s Supreme Court pick at Women’s Marches

Thousands of people rallied in Washington, DC, and other cities of the country on Saturday to honor the former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and protest against the nomination of the President Trump’s pick Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court. Organizers said more than 100,000 people took part in over 400 marches, dubbed the Women’s March, from New York to Los Angeles.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 weeks

Women's March & BLM protests: COVID? Who Dat? President Trump Rally: OMG!!! Look how bad an example the 🍊 man is making for the American people amid all these cases!!! WHERE MEH SOCIAL DESTANCIN!!! HE WANNA KILL GRANDMA! HOW HEARTLESS!!! 🚨🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🚨 BAAAAD!!! Brought to you by yours truly Media Piloks.

Robert_Clearwater 1 weeks

"The Women's March is collaborating with Planned Parenthood..." oh my goodness that is such delicious irony, it is like a sauce for the sandwiches. Barrett is the shining exemplar of a strong woman who can juggle both a family and a career. But I guess she is not a screeching liberal that wants abortion on demand or reparations so she's not the right kind of woman, she's an Aunt Tomitha.

Lucifer Neverchanges
Lucifer Neverchanges 1 weeks

So successful woman bad????? I am confused.

O'Brien 1 weeks

That rattlesnake-vagina placard should definitely become the official logo for feminism forever.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks

Feminists: REE! We want WAMEN in power NOW!! Trump: Picks a woman with constitutionalist views. Feminists: REEEEEEEE! SHES NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Kyle G
Kyle G 1 weeks

So now woman believe it’s okay to force your will onto people...isn’t that what they fight against?

Dustin 1 weeks

They fight for equality and women empowerment but when it's a women they dont like they protest, it is all a sham.

Gman 1 weeks

Let's see 100,00 ÷ 400 = 250 ppl per rally. Total. Percentage of population. 0.0003030303% of the USA. A fraction of a fraction. Sounds like a lot but it's a football game. She's more than qualified.

R. 1 weeks

So I guess babies don't deserve rights?

__K__ 1 weeks

Just like when Google (or was it Apple?) put a black young woman in a position of high power. She was replaced by an old white woman a couple weeks later due to expressing the opinion that "a group of white middle-aged men can have a diverse range of opinions".

Flitch 1 weeks

We need more women in positions of power....but not what woman

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