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McConnell details $500 billion COVID bill set for Wednesday vote

McConnell details $500 billion COVID bill set for Wednesday vote

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell detailed a $500B coronavirus relief bill that he said the Senate will vote on this Wednesday. The bill will expand federal unemployment benefits, replenish the PPP, provide over $100B to schools and fund vaccine production and distribution as well as testing and tracing. A similar bill in Sept. was supported by 52 Republicans before it was blocked by Democrats.

Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry 1 weeks

Pleeaaaase, let's just get back to normal, so they can stop spending my future taxes back to me... along with a large bureaucratic "overhead" fee. As an airline pilot that benefited from the airline bailout until my company closed down on 9/30... no more bailouts! Our budget deficit has Never been positive since WWII, except about 2 years at the end of Bill Clinton's 2nd term... and the average debt per taxpayer is well over $300k. I can't afford that! (The average American has debt also.) We need a balanced budget amendment before the privately owned Federal Reserve cashes in on all our debt-interest payments. Our nation has been insolvent for decades. How can we make them balance it? There has to be a way to litigate them (both sides) into stopping this.

Rocky 1 weeks

This better be the last one. Open up fully. We know what we are dealing with and the threat is extremely minimal. The government owes the people because it forced us to shut down, but people need to get back to producing. The "curve" was flattened many many months ago. Deficit is rising. We need an explosion in GDP to match or we are in serious trouble and I'm not talking about a few old people dying from the flu.

michael 1 weeks

None of that sounds like a stimulus check to help Americans with looming rent. American humans need recurring assistance.

Jon 1 weeks

At this point giving more money to businesses is not helping because people are not going out and spending money like they were before the pandemic whether out of safety or because the WH is doing nothing to help people directly and so they are saving money. We need direct payments to Americans.

Doug 1 weeks

Great. Another bill bent on giving money to corporate America and government agencies. Yeah, some people will receive money but the money skimmed off the top for 'administrative' costs will be more than a little significant.

Sophearith 1 weeks

Similar so what the difference from last time?

Billy 1 weeks

So Mitch thinks sending a bill to the floor that was already blocked once is the smart thing to do. I guess when you've spent the last 6 years doing nothing and getting paid for it, you just don't care about getting fired. Thanks Kentucky, you sure do earn those inbreeding jokes.

Eileeñ 1 weeks

What's in this bill Mitch cant be trusted is there going to be more money his wealthy people

Thinker 1 weeks

Who looks at this toothless man and thinks "wow, I really want this man to influence the future of my family and kids "

Forsaken 1 weeks

Ask Trump if he's ever had to be rushed to the hospital for the flu

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