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Filmmaker faces a change of heart after filming an illegal migration documentary

Filmmaker faces a change of heart after filming an illegal migration documentary

Namrata Singh Gujral aimed at filming a documentary in 2019 on the difficulties faced by people who unlawfully cross the U.S. border. ’When I started making this, the things I found were eye-opening. I realized the narrative I had been sold and supported was not the real truth. Illegal immigration is a terrible practice that should not only be discouraged, but it should be stopped,’ she claimed.

Stage 5 TDS
Stage 5 TDS 1 weeks

Reminds me of that feminist documentary that was about men's activism and it changed her mind too. I wonder if she and her project will be treated the same.

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 1 weeks

Welcome to the REAL world. The red pill shall set you free.

ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks

Good for her. Illegal immigration harms the immigrants themselves! Woman are harmed. Children are abused, and many die.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 1 weeks

I can’t wait to see it. That is what needs to be done by all of us. Watch the film, recommend it to others, spread it around. Let the truth out.

James 1 weeks

The biggest problem with illegals fleeing their home countries is that those home countries will never improve socially and economically.

O'Brien 1 weeks

Can’t wait to watch it on Netflix.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 weeks

A little bit of self research goes along way. I'm happy to see that the pro illegal immigration come around to common sense

Anthony 1 weeks

What's the documentry called ?

R. 1 weeks

If the State didn't exist and private people could govern their own private property, illegal immigration wouldn't be a problem.

Doug 1 weeks

Finally, a lefty who has seen the truth of how the establishment knowingly and willfully exploit illegals. This truth has even brought her to voting for Trump. Too bad others are so happy to live in ignorance of reality.

Shmee 1 weeks

This happens a lot to those who think they are morally superior by default, then attempt to do GOOD.

TheOtherBiden 1 weeks

She says she risked her career. That's false. The major networks and leftist outlets wont want anything to do with her. But she will have plenty of freedom in liberal and conservative outlets. Good on her, I'm glad she had a change of heart.

John 1 weeks

You can't stop illegal immigration until you legalize drugs.

HuskerSteve 1 weeks

I'm glad she made the film, but she gives her own bias away when she refers to people in the Democratic party who are more progressive than her, as "the crazy left". That's a quote right out of the Right's playbook. I'm a moderate Dem who thinks we should protect the dreamers but control illegal immigration...focusing first on deporting the most criminal and violent of those here illegally. Much like the view of the Obama administration.

Chris 1 weeks

Both sides of the aisle are trying to stop ILLEGAL Imiigration. Congress and President Bush in circa 2006 passed a law to people being human trafficked which had an effects on how we process ILLEGAL immigrants and President Obama was known as "The Deporter in Chief" by Hispanics due to his significsntly ramping up the deportation of illegals compared to previous Presidents. President Trump unfortnantely has taken steps that are inhumane. Separating parents from children and locking kids in to caged areas with teenagers has resulted in molestation and rape. It also makes it harder and slower in the courts to deport children that are without parents. They have also deported children just dumping them off by bus and leaving not to ensure there are caregivers for them before leaving. The wall planned y Trump is an expensive build and expensive to maintain. It's almost ineffective as the illegals will go over it, under it or even through it. Most illegals entering the US dont even come from Mexico by land. Let's stop illegal immigration but let's not turn inhuman in the process. These are mostly people just seeking a better life. If you were them wouldn't you do whatever it took for the benefit of your children? Of course. Deport them but treat them with humanity. To treat them poorly or break up families is a worse crime against humanity compared to illegally entering a couple try. I believe Republicans are painting Democrats as wanting open borders and do not want to stop illegal immigration. This is a falsehood meant to invoke fear for election reasons. Trump two years ago this morning that was going on about a caravan ifmillegal immigrants. He sent US troops to the border. Immediately after the November 2018 election Trump barely mentioned the caravan then left US troops deployed in bivoucs and gets through Thansgiving denying them the oliday with their families. Disgraceful.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 weeks

Literally illegal immigration benefits only the crooked. The people who come here get exploited, raped, sold, extorted, and the white liberal upper class counts it as a victory. What kind world do we live in that this is seen as a “victory” and not condemnable on every level. You

carson 1 weeks

Everyone can agree that illegal immigration should be stopped, but no one can agree how to stop it.

William 1 weeks

GOD 🙏 Bless this person for being brave enough to stand up in the face of bullies and intimidation. Telling the truth is far from easy when it comes to this topic, for some strange reason not many people want to hear the truth about just how much damage illegal immigrants do to this country.... and she is only scratching the surface.... nevermind taxes, identity theft, the list is far too long to even attempt to explain. Billions of dollars taken from and out of Americans every year... Americans going without so we can help illegal immigrants... Etc etc etc

Taus Florian Marc
Taus Florian Marc 1 weeks

Yes, it’s just as horrible as what is going on between Africa and Europa - it is heartbreaking, and must be stopped.

Randall 1 weeks

Perhaps if migration were not illegal (or perhaps accomplished easier) there wouldn't be a market for human trafficking.

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