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AI being used to help update thousands of pages of government regulations

AI being used to help update thousands of pages of government regulations

The U.S. government will use machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to sift through thousands of pages of outdated regulations, flagging and updating phrases such as requests to fax. Trial runs have been held. The White House is looking to hire tech companies to complete the task. The Departments of Transportation, Agriculture, Labor Department and Interior are participating.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 6 days

If you have so many regulations it requires AI to clean them up, you have too many regulations.

Indo 6 days

Wow this is historical indeed. A real great cleanup process. Been so long coming, none ever thought it possible. Next thing, will it outlast any new office.

Rocky 6 days

This is a fantastic idea. We have way too many laws and regulations on the books. Many redundant or outdated. Many too restrictive and giving huge advantages to large corporations while keeping small businesses out of the game. Regulations are a tool of big business and government cronies to ensure competition doesn't have a chance.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 6 days

The social media algorithms do such a great job, why not? Hope the AI is just a search and actual people will review. I remember what happen when some kid texted about "bombing a test" shortly after 9/11.

Maxim 6 days

Good I guess. Let's hope ppl building the AI are bipartisan. Otherwise we might see robots hunting down "the dissidents"...

Rose 6 days

I would hesitate to blanket suspend regulations, because regulations keep bridges from falling down, apartment buildings from going up in flames, and disasters that were preventable. The Trump administration is trying to ease regulations so that their huge donors can make more money, and in turn, so can the Trump administration.

Richard 6 days

Getting rid of these outdated regulations is a great idea, especially if they are being used "out of context" today. I'm not sure how much I trust AI to do it though. Hopefully there is a human element involved.

Jackson 6 days

Great! Beurocracy hurts the individual lol

Doug 6 days

It may not be perfect, but at least someone is finally trying to clean up the mess.

godhillie 6 days

Illegal? Computers dictating budgets and by extension policy? How can a politician justify cutting programs based on an algorithm? What occurs in the case of an error?

James 6 days

Eric Idle (Monty Python) said it best. It is not artificial intelligence that is scary, it is artificial stupidity. And now government is involved...

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 days

What could go wrong?

Chaz 6 days

Now if only they will try to catch conflicting and needlessly complicated laws, unfortunately often intentionally made so to target the poor and minorities. I'm just worried that it will make people lazy like big data has done with police investigations where investigations stop once the data is collected and only those with a good lawyer have a chance to prove their innocence.

Majesticwalker 4 days

Yikes... Considering the current social media AI algorithms, this could be terrible. I hope what is found is actually verified before being changed, not just changed based on whoever programs this thing. While I agree that laws and such could be rolled back and removed in many cases, blindly doing it via AI is not the way I'd go about it. While there will be a long list of things that need changing, we have enough people on payroll in the government who have served decades that could go through the list and take care of them. Not that I trust they'll do it well, since the government is only good at taking our money and wasting it, but at least they could have something meaningful to do besides fight about everything. Ah who am I kidding... They'll just hire more people to do it for them anyways - if they don't have the AI fix them blindly (blindly as in without verification).

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