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China passes new laws to restrict sensitive exports, protect whistleblowers

China passes new laws to restrict sensitive exports, protect whistleblowers

China has passed a new security law under which it can take ’reciprocal measures’ toward countries that abuse export controls and threaten its national security and interests. Additionally, it has also passed a new law to improve its handling of disease outbreaks which includes protecting whistle blowers. The new laws will take effect from December 1st and April 15th respectively.

David 6 days

Right. Provide a false sense of protection for whistle-blowers so they out themselves prematurely and get jailed, re-educated, or assassinated before they can talk or leave the country. "We're from the government and we're here to protect you".

porcus 6 days

Nobody in their right mind will believe this. China does not have rule of law, and never will have it under the CCP. This announcement is for political purposes only; the CCP will continue snatching people off the streets for any reason they desire.

WWG1WGA 6 days

Being that they killed the whistle blowers about covid already 🤔

Pryotra 6 days

Basically, "if you tariff us we'll retaliate. Also, if there's a risk of deadly disease it's now okay to speak up about it."

Chip 5 days

Don’t they have laws saying it’s illegal to kill people but I’m sure these laws will work too

TrumpUrAss 5 days

Let me sum up this comment section. Bunch of brain washed sheep spewing hate towards a country that they know nothing about. I'm sorry but truth hurts. You'll get it one day.

Morbo 5 days

From the country that murdered one of its own whistblowers to cover up it's own complicity in spreading Wuhan flu around the world. Excuse me if I express some scepticism.

Krešimir T.
Krešimir T. 5 days

First link is gone, two others don't mention anything about whistleblowers, only thing that mentions individuals is that they making stricter laws for companies and individuals that threaten national security.

Doug 5 days

Considering how often the CCP lies, cheats, and steals I have no confidence in this news story.

Don'tbackNV 5 days

karma 5 days

And kill its own citizens for organ harvest festivals

Rachel 6 days

Protecting whistle blowers... seems fishy but ok

Don'tbackNV 6 days

Stop exporting fentanyl then......

Max Bants
Max Bants 5 days

I'm sure this will help the, now dead, covid whistleblowers.

MozartFX 5 days

China doesn’t want countries stealing stuff that China stole from us fair and square.

C 5 days

Protect whistleblowers? LOL

paddy 5 days

As long as they report to the local official first and dont tell anyone before their "protection detail" gets there...

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