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Crowd at Trump Michigan rally calls to ’lock up’ Governor Whitmer

Crowd at Trump Michigan rally calls to ’lock up’ Governor Whitmer

The crowd at President Trump’s Sat. evening rally in Mich. chanted ’lock her up,’ after the president demanded Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) re-open the state amid the coronavirus pandemic. ’Lock ’em all up,’ Trump responded, after which the chants from the crowd continued. The chant from the crowd comes just a little more than one week after the FBI said it had foiled a plan to kidnap the governor.

GetTrumped 2 days

Good, that woman is power happy and WAY over stepped boundaries.. she hurt a lot of small businesses with her unconstitutional bans, she belongs in jail

Doug 2 days

And poor itty bitty baby Whitmer got her feewings hurt and made a statement about orange man bad! Reeeeeeeee! What's funny is that out of the hundreds of hours of questioning, Trump's name was never brought up as a reason they wanted to arrest the old hag. It was because of all the destruction she was causing with her Covidcrap and they thought they wouldn't get a fair shake from the courts. Gee, I wonder what gave them that impression?

IIZard 2 days

The kidnapping plot was antifa though...

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 2 days

What is the Whitner death toll? Any chance on those numbers ever being released?

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty Yesterday

In the end our society will be remembered not by what we create, but what we refuse to destroy. Trump has destroyed the United states by seeking division.

E n
E n Yesterday

Trumps loves hos lock 'em up chants, loves to rail about all these crimes against him... Yet no one is locked up and no criminal proceedings started. So either he is noting but hot air or utterly ineffectual.

shawn Yesterday

214,000 people dead in America. Every criminal activity is not antifa. The governor did her job and tried to help and save lives in her state. I find it really really funny that people rather put their children’s and family’s lives at risk and fallow trump even after he lied about the virus and still has not stopped

shawn Yesterday

Look at the cases under investigation by New York City and state trump and family are going down and a great chance of going to prison

Rebeca Yesterday

The Trumpanzees are out in force today. If only they used all that energy to protect others from Covid-19, instead of insulting their governor & maybe they would be as well off as New Zealand.

karma Yesterday

I'm on the Trump train to no Socialism.. All aboard

Josh Yesterday

Doesn't sound like she been working for the people all that well for the masses of the people chanting that but we all have to remember that's what elections are for to get them out of office not locking them up

Mac Yesterday

You people are sick, you blame her for trying to curb the pandemic? But not Trump and congress for squandering relief to people and businesses? She is doing the right thing, the federal government isn't by supporting billionaires and corporations and not small businesses. Your priorities are sickening

karma Yesterday

Maybe she can stage another abduction

Forsaken Yesterday

Trump is unfit for president. Trump needs to be locked up!

Michael Yesterday

Trumps supporters chant this yet it is republicans getting locked up, lol

Michael Yesterday

Bit insensitive considering recent events don’t ya think. White supremacists at it again.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG Yesterday

He's coming for you Whitmer! /~s

Randall Yesterday

Those right-wing extremists are dangerous.

Katharine Yesterday

Why would they kidnap her?

Barry Yesterday

Lock up the militant psychopaths trying to commit murder

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