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Former British parliament speaker Bercow joins opposition Labour Party

Former British parliament speaker Bercow joins opposition Labour Party

John Bercow, the former speaker of Britain’s lower house of parliament, has joined the opposition Labour Party after spending most of his political career as a Conservative legislator. Bercow said that he now believed the Conservative Party was ’reactionary, populist, nationalistic and sometimes even xenophobic.’ He said he wants to help the Labour Party oust Boris Johnson from office.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 0 months

This surprises no one. Bercow is a staunch retainer who showed his biases during his tenure as spreader of the house, a job that demands impartiality. Strange to see rats jumping on to a sinking ship though 🤔

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 0 months

He will forever be known for trying to undermine the democratic decision of 17 million voters and his bellowing cry orrrdahhh

Morbo 0 months

Never liked the guy, doesn't matter who he says he aligns with. That said, he pretty much the pot calling the kettle black, given his jump to a party with deeply racist history and curremt policies, then theres the whole becoming more communist every day.

Faittastic 0 months

Parliament is still a joke with or without him

Seekster 0 months

Thats a shame...or should I say out of orderrrrr.

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