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Drug users should not be jailed, but rehabilitated: Joe Biden

Drug users should not be jailed, but rehabilitated: Joe Biden

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden admitted that supporting a 1994 law which set harsher penalties for drug possession was a ’mistake’. Stressing that drug users should not be imprisoned but instead need to be rehabilitated, Biden said ’I don’t believe anyone should be going to drug courts for drug use.’ The former Vice President also outlined a vision for community-driven police reform.

Montgomery 1 months

I agree that doing drugs is not a crime (do it to yourself knowingly) and people should be helped when requested, not incarcerated... But I'm wondering if he is referring to drug users in general or drug users who also colluded with Russia and China while high on crack...

ConcealCarryProtect 1 months

Might want to run that by Kahmala. She hasn't exactly supported that idea in the past, and in fact, jailed them longer for cheap labor.

Arrow 1 months

Then legalize everything. Regulated substances are a huge step-up from banned substances, and the sales can really help local economies.

Tim 1 months

I wish he realized that mistake in the 80s & 90s but...

Garthak 1 months

I agree, but it's not important enough for me to vote for you. Hopefully after trump we can get a libertarian, wouldn't that be great?

Patrick 0 months

I don't believe him. HE was the reason Obama back pedaled on his first campaign promises to go light on the laws... after he was elected. And he was a total AHole in Colorado about the subject. He's pandering.

Jarrett 1 months

Isn't Biden and Harris responsible for crime bills that put these exactly people behind bars? 🤔🤔

Seekster 1 months

I reluctantly agree.

Ken G
Ken G 1 months

Now that his kids are/were drug users I'm sure he feels differently.

OmegaDMM 1 months

Well that is one thing he has said that I can actually back.

spencer 1 months

Biden is still a creep, but i can agree on this one point. Decriminalize all of it and get these people some help!

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