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Buttigieg says ’we definitely need to turn the page’ on Trump administration

Buttigieg says ’we definitely need to turn the page’ on Trump administration

Pete Buttigieg (D) has urged the nation to vote out Trump in the November election, citing his pandemic handling. ’We definitely need to turn the page even more now than when I was running for president a year ago,’ Buttigieg said. ’What we need to turn the page from is a president who is incapable of handling a public health crisis that has now cost almost a quarter of a million American lives.’

Sal 0 months

How perilously close America is to dictatorship! And I don't mean under Trump, I mean under the Media and those it anoints as "in favour". Their policies are based on lies and gross selfishness. They already have millions of people believing that anyone who contradicts the media narrative is insane, or a conspiracy theorist.

Seekster 0 months

I agree, the Season 1 finale is going be spectacular and Season 2 promises to be even better.

Rof 0 months

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Brian 0 months

I would still like an explanation of why buttigieg and klobushar and harris dropped out of the race and let Biden get the nomination. ( Sorry about the spelling. )

6Million$Mansplainer 0 months

Shut up booty judge.

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