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China threatens to detain Americans if US prosecutes Chinese scholars

China threatens to detain Americans if US prosecutes Chinese scholars

China has reportedly threatened to detain US citizens in the country if the Justice Department goes ahead with the prosecution of the arrested Chinese military-affiliated scholars. US officials reportedly said the Chinese officials conveyed the messages in recent months after 5 Chinese scholars were arrested in the US for not disclosing their military affiliations on their visa applications.

Tom A
Tom A
Rof 1 months

Vote Biden for China, vote Trump for America.

Doug 1 months

Okay. Who is finding these stories? More and more of them are completely unrelated to each other. As for China, the hallmark of any corrupt authoritarian regime is to take American hostages. Trump needs to decouple the US economy from China's and start reinstating the travel bans that the US used to have.

MrWizard 1 months

These are three completely unrelated stories.

Arthur 1 months

Its time to expel any member of the ccp!

bert 1 months

McCarthyism! You can't even name a single American thats has been detained !

FutureGhostsMPQ 1 months

Don't say these are unrelated articles! Click on them and you will see they are all about the same thing! SMH.

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 1 months

Yeah, they're nothing but thugs, like all communists.

RangoX 1 months

Why is the picture of Assad?

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