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Crenshaw to begin rolling out complaints of wokeness in the military

Crenshaw to begin rolling out complaints of wokeness in the military

Rep. Crenshaw posted on his Instagram account recently that he will soon begin rolling out examples of woke ideology spreading in the US military received via a military whistleblower page he and Army veteran Sen. Cotton set up. ’We’ve received over 300 credible complaints,’ Crenshaw claimed. ’It’s things like teaching critical race theory disguised as diversity and inclusion training,’ he added.

Hissaturatedness 0 months

Everybody I know who is or was in the military (including my 21 y.o son) brags about the sense of brotherhood within all races. The last place we need woke ideology is our armed forces. These kids train and go to all corners of the planet together. Introducing this new world BS will only cause division where cohesion is vital

Shmule 0 months

Singling out races for humiliation has no place in a raceless military. CRT is only about putting sides against one another, bad idea in team building.

Kathy 0 months

Critical racist theory sounds like a Hail Mary play for communists and the closet racists in the D party. Trying to gin up some belated outrage over ancient history! We still have Holocaust deniers and Armenian deniers, most blacks don’t know what the Hutu’s and the Tutsi did to each other nor why our democrat president just let it happen. Slave trade has morphed into “human trafficking “ which is only about “human women trafficking “. Why are these virtue signaling liberals not marching for this modern era slavery “human women sex slave trafficking “ or the even more disgusting “ human organ CCP slave trafficking “. There is plenty of modern slavery and death for every color and culture today! Why is our challenged liberals trying to rewrite history? I thought that only happened in communist countries?

Seekster 0 months

I f'ing love Crenshaw and its not just the eyepatch.

Good Green Goy
Good Green Goy 0 months

Reminder that Crenshaw supports red flag laws, and he called Israeli involvement in the sinking of the Lucitania a conspiracy theory. He is a rhino in disguise.

Skot 0 months

I'm no expert on CRT, but my exposure to it has been mixed. No doubt about the history and legacy of slavery being an enormous crime and impediment towards freedom for minorites, particularly indigenous Americans and African peoples, but this theory seems to be wielded in practice like a club, with the real culprits coming out unscathed. The ramifications of lecturing some poor Appalachian white kid who was born into extreme poverty about his white privilege and racism is at best, virtue signaling, at worst, societal disintegration and civil war.

Felipe Segura
Felipe Segura 0 months

Wouldn't lowering standards for certain people and genders be a sign of wokeness and weakness? Not trolling just asking.

kinG 0 months

Republicans: "Were not teaching the true history to my kids, better yet let's make it where no kids from now on know about the history of our country" Other Rep: "But wait, wat about the kids that are in the military? Can't we change their way of thinking?" Another Rep: "How is all this going to work? We just voted for a national holiday that celebrates the end of slavery, we still have statues erected that celebrates our involvement in slavery and we passed laws to keep them around, we still have laws and local policies that have been around since slavery. How can we teach the new generation that there was no slavery if we keep holding on to the evidence??" Rep: "We'll just call anyone that talks about race, racist. That'll fix them"

Jack 0 months

Crenshaw is a fascist who supported the suffering people were financially experiencing during the pandemic calling it “good” on joe rogan while at the same time, voting for corporate welfare policy. If only that grenade that blew up in his face finished the job...

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 0 months

I thought the US imprisoned whistleblowers. I am not sure stirring up differences among folks who function better as a cohesive group is the way forward.

Michael 0 months

Go figure….. lol he republicans are going to attempt to ban diversity and inclusion training. Can they get anymore racist? Oh yeah that’s right they are becoming the Nazi party so get ready for death trains to gas chamb we s for everyone else.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 0 months

Evenly applied is one thing, bias is another. There is no room for said diversity relative to extremism. Biased preference die to race, Creed, and color must be eliminated!

Martin 0 months

So the traitors, the ones that violate the oath, that ALL of us veterans took, wants to do more damage. Maybe they, along with Flynn, should be un-retired so that they can be courts-martialed too.

edwin 0 months

While I agree that the military needs to stop pushing policies/training/reading materials with racist tones like CRT, Crenshaw is a blue falcon rhino and I hope he gets replaced soon.

Chrisby 0 months

Surely there is bigger fish to fry.

Darin 0 months

Disrupting the focus of the military.

Barry 0 months

Crenshaw looks like the villain from a Bond movie

Jon 0 months

Crenshaw is a propagandist and disgrace to anyone who actually served to preserve democracy in America.

Viviko 0 months

It’s all about equality now. Equally represented. Equally dead.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 0 months

Everything is a downstream of culture... sadly.. i lose my confidence in the woke military everyday

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