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Trump calls Fauci a ’disaster’ but says it would be a ’bomb’ if he fired him

Trump calls Fauci a ’disaster’ but says it would be a ’bomb’ if he fired him

In a call with campaign staff, President Trump attacked Dr. Fauci, calling him a ’disaster’. However, Trump remained cautious about the consequences of firing the infectious disease expert, reportedly saying on the call, ’Every time he goes on television, there’s always a bomb, but there’s a bigger bomb if you fire him.’ He added, ’People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots.’

Zach 1 months

Why fire him when you can quote snipe him to make it sound like he supports you in your ad... cause this is excactly what Ts administration went on to do.

Joseph 1 months

I mean... He seems to be wrong more than I'm comfortable with. I am personally a little worried that our experts are so often incorrect.

M. 1 months

trump needs to Go, He’s done enough bad to our people and to our country. God Bless American!!

Sirax 1 months

Its good that he is willing to keep someone he dosent like. Even if he feels like he should. If he really was Cheeto Hitzer, he would have been kicked long ago.

snarley 1 months

He fears firing Fauci for the obvious reason that if he were to do that, then he would be left with absolutely no one on his team who knows wtf they're doing.

Doug 1 months

Give me a break. There are better scientists out there. Wait until after the election and then cut Fauci loose. He is a court jester that just isn't funny.

solodolo 1 months

Just so we are clear on trump's logic: everyone is wrong except trump. Fauci is incompetent. The media is incompetent. I am incompetent. You reading this right now, are incompetent. The intelligence community is incompetent. Our troops are incompetent. The voting commission is incompetent. State governors are incompetent. Our supreme court is incompetent. He thinks his own advisors are incompetent. If you don't march lock and key in step with how he says you should think, that person or organization is incompetent. And trump is never wrong. This is the guy presiding over our country.

Shawn 1 months

Fauci is a better person than. Not even the president but the people who are arguing conspiracy theories, denying scientists or understanding how hard it is to understand pandemics. Imagine all the years that you spent studying, experimenting a field that most people don't understand but Joe Blow or Karen reads social media or the lawyer politician based on theories says you don't know what you are doing but offers no solutions. Screw this give me my pension and board seat and let the idiotic public figure it out. Again Fauci is better than me.

Amoneywilson 1 months

It is quite a disaster when Dr Fauci lies like a politician. Dr Fauci: 3/27/2020 60 mins “There's no reason to be walking around with a mask.” Also: “People keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.” Dr Fauci: 6/18/2020 “We were concerned the public health community, and many people were saying this, were concerned that it was at a time when personal protective equipment, including the N95 masks and the surgical masks, were in very short supply,"

robert 1 months

Wait the Dr is the idiot but our buttmunch president has all his grades hidden under lock&key with threat of legal action if someone tries to peek??......Hmmmm doesn't sound like something a genius would do?????

Dagoberto 1 months

Russia is in complete control of The Republican Party. The only thing standing between Russia taking complete control of America are Joe Biden and the Democrats. Vote...for America.

Hernan 1 months

Ah, I get it. So the premise goes as such: Trump thinks scientists are idiots. Right? Whether he thinks they are or not is irrelevant. Everyone knows the data, if they choose to dismiss it, so be it. I’m sure Trump is very thankful to those scientists and doctors. They did treat him, and very well. My only take away from this post is that they pay these people, these purveyors of news, too much money to write these ignominious headlines in the most shameless of ways. I think I should write some of these. Something like: “FOUND PICTURES! Dictator Pinochet Loved Blackface.” Hell, you guys should give it a try, might be as irrelevant, but a hell of a lot more entertaining. Which is the problem with this post. It’s entertainment, not news.

oscar g
oscar g 1 months

Fauchi will be gone after the Trump landslide

SkeletorRises 1 months

I dont think we should have an expert who misleads the people. Just keep him in line and Im all good 👌

Red Lens
Red Lens 1 months

Probably doesn't help fauci has a different answer for every week. The guy sucks at his job.

Sydney 1 months

Agreed, I am tired of hearing fauci. I want other medical professionals to do real research and agree or disagree with what he’s saying in a scientific manner, not just have the same beauty pageant speach every week.

Steve 1 months

The worst mistake Trump made was not spending the firt six months replacing the top 4 layers of management at every major govt institution.

Fast Eddy
Fast Eddy 1 months

Non story

Tyler 1 months

Trump is only bashing Fauci because Fauci won’t follow Trumps agenda of lying to the American people about this disease.

Tyler 1 months

Why is Trump such a cry baby? it’s embarrassing that this is the leader of our country.

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