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Global coronavirus cases hit 40M with 1.1M deaths

Global coronavirus cases hit 40M with 1.1M deaths

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases across the world has surpassed 40M. The US, India and Brazil have reported the highest numbers of cases — 8.1M, 7.5M and 5.2M respectively. The global increase in recent weeks has been driven by a surge in Europe. So far, the death toll from the virus globally stands at 1.1M with 224K of those registered in the US.

Doug 1 months

I'm sure that the cases of acne has surpassed 40 million too. How many people that contract Covid isn't important. There's no way to control that number anymore. You can thank China for that. What IS important is the number of deaths. That is a number that CAN be controlled to a point. The flu kills scores of people every year but you don't see people losing their minds and wrapping themselves up in saran wrap over it.

Ryan M
Ryan M 1 months

That's almost twice as many deaths as a typical flu season! Better derail the entire world economy, spread mass hysteria, destroy all individual liberties, and establish a global tracking system to monitor everyone's movement and associations. It's the only way to save grandma.

Francisco d'Anconia
Francisco d'Anconia 1 months

Even more important, the number of pharmacological certified covid deaths.

William Christian
William Christian 1 months

Ummm, In truth I don't know what's worse, COVID or the idiocracy that has infected the left.. We have a fix for COVID, but you just can't fix stupid...

J 1 months

Fear mongering primarily from the left..

Tiggs 1 months

@Ryan M; it's in times like these that you get to see people for who they really are and you sure have painted your colors to your mast... I would rather live in a more compassionate world than your ideas, I recognise the value of all mankind; whereas you, you are clearly more selective over who holds value...

Sal 1 months

About 70,000 people usually die each year, in the UK, from flu. We haven't even got half way to that number, even with death figures being more or less made up each day. This is theatre. Let the elite get away with this and we'll get worse plays in the future.

Bean Mustard
Bean Mustard 1 months

I wonder how with all the mass gatherings and constant anti Mask Psychopaths roaming.. this almost seems impossible.

Deet 1 months

Flash news everyone. 40millions is just a useless number since the cases are probably 20 times higher than what really is reported. Who cares at this point. This is all pure madness and no one should remotely care about this

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