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China beats US as world’s biggest box office in 2020

China beats US as world’s biggest box office in 2020

China has overtaken the US in movie ticket sales for the first time ever. Now, China is the world’s biggest box office. According to Artisan Gateway data, Chinese year-on-year ticket sales touched $1.99 billion this week, beating the US total of $1.94 billion. A big reason for this is that the Covid-19 pandemic forced US theaters to run below capacity in some states and completely shut in others.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 0 months

With nearly 5-times the population and none of the Corona hysteria of the US , it’s hardly surprising now is it)

Bart 0 months

I think Hollywood should relocate to China. They would love those fun camps for wrong thinkers.

William Christian
William Christian 0 months

I'm sure that China has broken a lot of records since the rest of the world is at a stand still.. The big question is how will their economy do after the rest of the world bounces back and seeks retribution for their folly..

Amoneywilson 0 months

They opened their theatres?

Donald 0 months

Duh! China bought Hollywood not too long they are buying the USA via pedo joe

Daniel 0 months

They probably forced them to go (joke)

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months

Not hard to see why. I bet, if nothing else, Chinese propaganda films are a tad more fun than Hollywood globohomo propaganda films

porcus 0 months

And yet you will never be able to make certain movie topics/stories or have certain actors/actresses in movies heading into China.

Janice 0 months

I thought the ppl don't have money for food. How can they have money for theatre? China too it's only chosen what's allowed by the government. And to there benefit.

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