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Twitter’s ban doubles attention for Hunter Biden story

Twitter’s ban doubles attention for Hunter Biden story

As per media intelligence platform Zignal Labs, Twitter’s move to stop the spread of the NY Post’s article about Hunter Biden’s alleged dealings nearly doubled the level of attention the story gained. Zignal found a surge of shares immediately after Twitter instituted the block, jumping from about 5.5 thousand shares every 15 minutes to about 10 thousand. The story was shared 352,200 times.

porcus 0 months

It is called the Streissand Effect, named after Barbara Streissand tried to block photos of her new home from being seen by the public. The more something is censored and blocked the more curious it makes people to find out what they are prevented from being able to see. :D

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 0 months

Gee it's almost like when you try to censor something more people want to find out what's going on and what they are trying to hide

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

This isn't the 1500s where information is easily contained. Ideas spread like fire in the modern age, digital machines allow me to talk to someone across the world in real time. It must be a generational thing because I firmly believe the more someone tries to suppress something, it has the opposite effect, and consequently more people will want to read it. Children should be the only victims of censorship, at the hands of their direct caretakers only.

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