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Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 0 months

Why it is a political statement as they get their donations though the Democrats fund raising apparatus act blue and advocate for radical left wing policy

Tim 0 months

@adam, what are u talking about. BLM & I can't breathe t-shirts are not associated with any political party and shouldn't be an issue at any polling site, EVER

Seekster 0 months

If there is a rule against wearing clothing (shirts, hats, etc) with political slogans then yes BLM fits the bill since it is allied with the Democratic Party.

Jim 0 months

Uh BLM is a political organization isn’t it ? They openly advocate for socialisim and their anti police message is an opinion not fact . ( the actual numbers prove that ) Why are the groups who advocate equality the ones who get special treatment ?

Randall 0 months

Should not only be fired but arrested, charged and jailed.

karma 0 months

It's a terrorist organization funded by Soros and multinational corporations.. Nor political

Robert_Clearwater 0 months

BLM is the 21st century National Crime Syndicate.

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