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Trump, Biden in a dead heat in North Carolina, shows poll

Trump, Biden in a dead heat in North Carolina, shows poll

A Washington Post-ABC poll released Tuesday found Joe Biden and President Trump in a dead heat in North Carolina. As per the survey involving 646 adults, Biden found support of 49% likely voters to Trump’s 48%. The candidates are separated by 3 percentage points, 48% for Biden and 46% for Trump, among registered voters (survey included 706 registered voters).

Don 0 months

President Trump has upset the Status Quo. A Biden administration would be a return to an Appeasement mentality which the EU would prefer. Also they could resume giving well paid jobs to the family members of DC politicians.

Seekster 0 months

Trump should win North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida by comfortable margins.

Rof 0 months

Easy Trump win then because the same polls used to say Hilary was leading.

IvoryDove 0 months

Most likely the polling is focused on the cities because they're easier to survey, but having just driven for 1200 miles across the country, I can say that Trump owns the rural areas. Signs are everywhere.

MozartFX 0 months

MEDIA: Biden with 91% chance of winning the election! ME: Fist pump deja vu from 2016! 🇺🇸 Trump in a landslide!

Div Kay
Div Kay 0 months

Everyone says it but it’s worth saying. The only thing that will make the polls wrong or right is by you voting. Don’t ever feel discouraged to vote by anyone. No seat is safe, because your voice can and should never be silenced

Cory 0 months

How much you wanna bet those numbers are nowhere near accurate, they just fixed the numbers to make it look like biden is gonna win

Adam 0 months

People are seeing through the media’s Biden corruption coverup. Bye bye Biden!

ProveTheVotes 0 months

The “news” always takes polls, yet I’ve NEVER been asked, maybe it’s because us tax paying conservatives are at work

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