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Rush Limbaugh reveals he has terminal lung cancer

Rush Limbaugh reveals he has terminal lung cancer

Popular conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh has revealed that he has Stage 4 lung cancer and he his prognosis hasn’t been good. During his radio show, he said, ’The scans did show some progression of cancer,’ adding, ’It’s not dramatic, but it’s the wrong direction.’ Limbaugh said his doctors have changed his medicines with the hope of keeping the cancer under check ’as long as possible.’

Rocky 0 months

I am right here with you Rush. Just a matter of time. Never really watched much of his content, but I definitely identify with his current health struggles. I'll pray for you and your family Rush.

Tyler 0 months

No matter where you stand politically he is a human being and Cancer is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. I hope he recovers, I've seen people come back from Stage 4, my mother had it and she's just fine now...

a person
a person 0 months

Even though I don't agree with him necessarily I hope him a speedy recovery from this. No one should have to deal with cancer.

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