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French Islamist militant group ordered shut after teacher slaying

French Islamist militant group ordered shut after teacher slaying

France’s president Emmanuel Macron named a domestic militant Islamist group as ’directly implicated’ in last week’s gruesome street beheading in a Paris suburb of a teacher. Macron said the group called the Collective Cheikh Yassine will be ordered dissolved Wednesday. This comes as a terror investigation is under way into the killing of Samuel Paty by an 18-year-old Moscow-born Chechen refugee.

Montgomery 0 months

It's always lovely when you take in refugees and they kill local teachers. Almost as if they are not thankful and want to use violence to force more benefits... And why is he a refugee from Russia? Is that a thing? Send them back

JustSomeGuy 0 months

But will that actually do anything? Won't anyone that's not rounded up and deported/imprisoned/etc just form another group.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 0 months

Gotta get you a big ol heaping pile of that diversity. Nice bloody diversity. I'm a victim of that diversity except i carry concealed and my attackers brought a bat to gun fight. I nearly died... but a 44 magnum has a way of turning the tables really quick when you blow one of them in half.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 0 months

So glad we have the second amendment so it isn’t just these kinds of groups that can procure weapons.

Richard 0 months

Oh, they "ordered" thrm shut. Well I guess that's the end of that. 🙄

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