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Trump’s denial of rape accusation was an ’official act,’ DoJ says

Trump’s denial of rape accusation was an ’official act,’ DoJ says

The Department of Justice said President Donald Trump should not be sued personally for having denied a rape allegation because he made the statement while acting in his official capacity as president. Trump’s accuser, writer E Jean Carroll, brought a defamation suit against him after he denied the allegation. In 2019, Carroll claimed Trump raped her in a Manhattan department store in the 1990s.

TheOtherBiden 1 months

Bring me proof or I'm done with this #MeToo BS. I didnt believe it with Kavanaugh, I didn't believe it with Biden, and I don't believe it now. Show me proof of this act he committed 30 years ago, or I'm just going to assume it's a lie.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

Oh? This lady again? The one who says that women have rape fantasies all the time? And to add some whataboutism, the multiple credible allegations against Biden will just be swept under the rug again?

porcus 1 months

30 year old rape aLlEgAtIoN, waaaay past the statute of limitations (5 years, recently extended to 20 by New York). This is just a smear, just like with Kavanaugh.

John W
John W 1 months

Oh the "r@pe is sexy lady". They keep bringing her up hoping people forget not sane

Dustin 1 months

Something MeToo people dont understand why people dont believe womens accusation on big people like trump or biden is because it only comes out when it's the most inconvenient for them.

Custodio 1 months

How could denying a Rape allegation be an Official Act? Rape is not an Official Duty of trump’s. Only Acts that come under his Purview as President can be recognized as Official Acts. This is AG Barr blowing hot air & sadly attempting to give trump cover. Lastly, an innocent man doesn’t behave in this manner. If one is innocent you turn over your DNA & when it comes back negative you have Bragging Rights till the Cows come home. Knowing how much trump enjoys blowing his own horn & making others look bad I would think he’d jump at the opportunity.

Varun Ram
Varun Ram 1 months

Why is it that one can file a defamation lawsuit against another simply for denying an allegation? Am I missing something here?

Eileeñ 1 months

This is coming from a person that paid a porn star anything that trump does and says is all lies.what I'm tired off is Tudy Gulliani having info for trump from non other than Russia to rig ths election in plain sight but I assume people see what want and ffg forget that trump has gone fascist authoritarian and his hoping that most people allow trump to rule them without judgement they handed t to air brain to trump and anyone with different ideas happens to be the enemy. Backward. USA needs help VOTE HIM OUT

Amoneywilson 1 months

This was tried in 2016 to hurt Trump but it failed. Yet they are trying again. Kavnaugh fiasco wasn’t enough, as they went hard on him and had no legs to stand on vs Amy Coney Barrett. Democrat party is so short sighted.

Red Lens
Red Lens 1 months

If this happens to you, you go to the police. If you don't care enough to report it, why should any of the rest of care at all? Not buying it.

darkwingsmurf 1 months

Ok let me get this strait. Some one accuses you of a crime. You respond with that never happened call then a liar then you can get sued for deffermation for defending yourself.....

S 1 months

E Jean Carroll raped a lot of people in a lot of department stores that year, including me. Now give me money.

Neil 1 months

Why is this BS even here?

Angry Mister Yellow Face!
Angry Mister Yellow Face! 1 months

That old lady is nuts, Lmao!!! Funny, but nuts...

Csaba 1 months

Why didnt she go after Trump years ago? Trump was a very rich celebrity. If you have proof, other than an accusation.

Mutatis 1 months

As long as such a protection is not maintained after leaving office, then I see no issue.

Montgomery 0 months

So she claims that while he was one of the most famous people in America, and hooking up with models, he decided to rape her? And she just remembered before election? Why can't we sue/incarcerate people like her when the claim is proven to be false....

Indo 1 months

No guts no glory. Somebody sure wants it really big. Careful what you wish for, especially if it comes true.

Matt 0 months

What's the difference between rape and sex? A bounced check

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 1 months

That makes me wonder what else has happened bcs let's be honest a r@p ist that co owned 2 beauty pageants and one was a teen one..... Times are ugly

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