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USA Today breaks tradition, endorses Biden

USA Today breaks tradition, endorses Biden

By endorsing Joe Biden, USA Today has made its first ever presidential endorsement. In 2016, the paper urged readers not to vote for Donald Trump, while not endorsing Hillary Clinton. ’This year, the editorial board unanimously supports the election of Joe Biden, who offers a shaken nation a harbor of calm and competence’, the board said in a statement.

Kym Charles
Kym Charles 0 months

So now we can safely say that they are not news, they are activists with an opinion. Thanks for clearing that up.

Jon 0 months

Can we remember this in a few weeks, when he is facing charges for corruption, accepting bribes, consorting with foreign governments, and treason?

Remington Colt
Remington Colt 0 months

Not surprising since Trump's election has exposed the media for what they have become, which is a propaganda arm for the democrats and for socialists/communists. This all happened when Millennial graduates entered the media business. News sites weren't like this back in the 80's and early 90's. Reporters back then would create various exposes on politicians regardless of party. They would report on foreign incidents factually and let the viewers decide. Nowadays it's all opinion, and the media people actually think their job is to influence people to think a certain way. 2016-2020 will be known as the years the mainstream media lost their minds and were exposed.

FishyMacaroon6 0 months

"Calm and competence"? Ok. Sure, USA Today, thats what Biden is.

Ray 0 months

USA Today has always been a lightweight publication that gets distributed for free at hotels. Their editorial opinions are not taken seriously by anyone.

Doug 0 months

USA Today has lost all credibility now that they've endorsed a man who doesn't know what state he's in or what political office he's running for. That's as responsible as picking the guy with chronic epilepsy to drive a nitroglycerin truck over an unpaved rocky road at a hazardous speed.

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 0 months

Well this confirmed they are fake news. How is an “unbiased” news organization gonna endorse a presidential candidate

Steve 0 months

I hope people note the bias in the media, remember the next candidate may be your favorite. The free press is supposed to be on the side of the people.

Black jack
Black jack 0 months

The National Enquirer has just come out endorsing Trump.

Donald 0 months

Another pedo sycophant. Cool story bro

Diehard 270
Diehard 270 0 months

Is anyone actually surprised by this?

Jim 0 months

It’s really funny that in an effort to be against Trump these liberals will do exactly what they are mad at Trump for. They accused him of BS the day he announced and they have claimed BS on him for so long they ve forgotten that they were lies when they were made up. Context matters Trump never said all Mexicans are rapist and murderers — look it up, he said rapist and murderers are among them when they Mexicans come over illegally. Trump never said he was against Immigration he is against ILLEGAL immigration, like most Republicans. Trump never said racist and white Supremist were fine people he said there were fine people on both sides if you exclude the racist and white Supremist — look it up ! He said he found out that when you are rich you find that you can just reach out and grab a women by the ........, unfortunately that’s true, every musician and athlete knows this and most of us have known for a while that some women will do anything for money there is a name that was invented to identify them as such. The entire Russia thing was a huge lie, Democrats knew that after Schiff took testimony from the intelligence services behind closed doors. They didn’t even try to impeach him on it I don’t like it but name one politician who hasn’t gotten rich by using their office. Pelosi sits on the boards of half the companies she regulates and is worth over 100 million. I can go on and on. Is Trump an ethical man ? Does he lack morals ? No and so does half the business owners in this country and most politicians. Most support themselves and nobody else. The ONLY difference between Trump and Biden is that Biden keeps his BS low key, Trump almost brags about it. That’s why there is no real choice if you pick based on ethics, the choice still comes down to which one will be most likely to follow government policy that you support. Liberals should support Biden and conservatives should support Trump - based on policy which either is likely to follow. Don’t look to people with power for ethics ! Money drives power, Power drives abuse. If this country was racist under Trump it was before Trump. Democrats have done nothing to resolve that issue , except point fingers and have a few beers

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 0 months

There are so many intelligent people on this platform... kind of surprised.

TexasReb 0 months

Now NewsVoice can lable USA Today Leftist.

Adam 0 months

Dismantle this board! What a joke they are.

David 0 months

Oh USA today. Proof the media are lying fools

karma 0 months

Fake media

Glen 0 months

Whatever happened to real journalism? How can these news organizations kiss half the population goodbye. Doesn't make Ny economic sense.

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