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On-duty Miami police officer was wearing a Trump mask in a polling place Tuesday

On-duty Miami police officer was wearing a Trump mask in a polling place Tuesday

A Miami police officer photographed wearing a ’Trump 2020’ mask while in full uniform at a polling place Tuesday violated department policy, the Miami Police Department said, and the issue is being ’addressed immediately’.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 months

What a random mix of stories. Think the AI needs some better training data or language parsing algorithms...

WWG1WGA 1 months

What cop wouldn't support TRUMP?

Danny 1 months

He should be charged. It's against the law to do political soliciting in a voting site. It not a right/left or middle thing. It's simply the law.

Kanza 1 months

I’m in favor of neither candidate, so it’s not a left right issue for me— this though it’s completely inappropriate. I am not going to call for this officers job, but his acts are illegal, probably out of ignorance, he needs training on the matter and should be removed from working any polling place. A uniformed officer, wearing any political attire (no matter who it supports) in the performance of their official duty is contrary a free democracy, and is akin to state sponsorship. Further, an armed person at a polling place, endorsing a specific candidate is, by nature, and form of intimidation, whether covert or overt, through a perceived coercion based upon violence (basically, the guy with a gun who supports one candidate could be perceived as threatening those who would go against).

Jim 1 months

Some of you are saying this is illegal, it’s not. There is no law against this. I agree this is unprofessional and There are policies which govern this kind of stuff, but a county nearby me just rescinded their policy b/c it was found unconstitutional. The ruling was that your job status or position does not negate your constitutional rights. Now, in that county, some employees, openly support several politicians on the local level. I guess it’s the correct ruling given it became an issue when a local official put a bumper sticker of another candidate on her car and the county told her she had to take it off or she couldn’t park in her work parking lot.

Jim 1 months

Highly unprofessional but why is it such a surprise that it’s a news story ? Why would cops support any liberal candidate ?

Charles 1 months

Remove him from this job until he has been through some remediation training.

Steve 1 months

So what?

Kathy 1 months

The “issue” is that anyone that is patriotic must be removed because they are obviously campaigning for Trump so anyone with an American flag on their clothes or anyone with blond hair that is NOT wearing a cap, or anyone with a black suit and a red tie, anyone that repeatedly smiles like Trump, anyone with a bodyguard or shows 2nd amendment advertising. ALL OF THAT IS ILLEGAL! People who are caught will be arrested immediately!

Janice 1 months

I remember Clarence Thomas and that scandle with Anita Hill . I believed her and he's a judge judging other ppl lives . I still feel angry a little.

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