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US Senate to hold rare weekend session to confirm Barrett for Supreme Court

US Senate to hold rare weekend session to confirm Barrett for Supreme Court

The US Senate is wasting no time to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court justice before Election Day. Republicans, pushing past procedural steps, have called for a rare weekend session for confirming Barrett. With the Republican’s enjoying a 53-47 majority and just two GOP senators opposed, the confirmation of Trump’s pick is almost settled.

Tiktator 0 months

With Nancy pushing all sorts of non covid spending in a "relief " bill that they know is DOA why would they hold any session. The democrats won't budge on any of it so no point in negotiating with someone who plugs their ears and goes lalala Dam that was supposed to be a reply

Nachiket 0 months

The motives are really suspect when a weird weekend session is held by the senate for the Supreme Court Judge appointment but not for the Covid Relief bills

GreenMachine 0 months

Get this sham over with. There's a justice seat that needs to be filled. Fill it. We shouldn't go into a hotly contested presidential race with a court that can't settle it should it go that far. She's a solid nominee. She sat through the grilling of several senators. She knows the law. Just get on with it.

Seekster 0 months

Court packing was a terrible idea when the Democrats considered it in the 1930s and it is still a bad idea. It would set the precedent of the President just appointing more justices whenever he doesn't like the court rulings. The end result would be the destruction of an independent judiciary as it would under the thumb of the Executive Branch.

Supreme 0 months

Rare weekend meeting??? lmao and these people are suppose to understand our pain hilarious

jurassicherb 0 months

If you had the ball with 4 seconds left on the shot clock, wouldn’t you shoot?

Doug 0 months

Go ahead and get it done. After how the Democrats have acted, they just need to be left hanging.

David 0 months

The party of evil are cowards. Mitch and Lindsey are doing exactly as their paymaster donor class demands.

Vincent 0 months

So the Republicans stole Merrick Garlands seat and roadblocked hundreds of federal judges Obama was legally entitled to make and the Democrats do nothing in retaliation? The legitimacy of the Supreme Court is already shot. Now we let these theocratic fascists strip away the last 150 years of civil rights progress? Impeach Kavanaugh. Impeach as many Trump appointees as legally possible. Add at least three new Supreme Court Justices. And lock Trump and his crime family up in a supermax.

Black jack
Black jack 0 months

I just can't believe we let a greasy used car salesman nominate any of our SC Justices. I call him a greasy used car salesman because if he were never born into money thats about all he'd add up to.

Ryan 0 months

I don’t think it is proper to have Amy Coney Barrett nominated for this seat arm because I disagree and she will be dismantling the affordable care act on the affordable care act is crucial to the citizens of the United States as of this time I do not think that it is wise to go through with her nomination and so yeah

Patrick 0 months

I fully agree it is dangerous ground to tread on, as it would likely mean before too long there would be 150 supreme court justices. But the issue really at hand is that supreme court justices should be totally neutral in any decision they make and not base decisions on their political view, and if they have a Republican or Democratic registration, than there should always be an equal amount of justices in the court, but again what they agree with politically shouldn't have an impact on their decisions, unfortunately all too often it does. That is the problem that needs addressing/assessing.

Jefferson 0 months

Hurray! Under His Eye, we return to a male dominated society! Women can be penalized for miscarriage. Many male acts will be legal at last. Women will lose their rights. Freedom at last!

Michael 0 months

Wow. Talk about working to get things done. Would be nice if they could be as motivated for American people. Forget the stimulus, we need someone to make the decision to throw out mail in ballots this November 3rd. Yay. Who wins? Politicians win, we lose! Go America!

David 0 months

Gotta Jam it through before the president is voted out and the Elephants lose control of the senate.

Alana 0 months

Ha! A little late for that now.

Neil 0 months

like anyone with an IQ over 60 needs this explained to them? SMH

michael 0 months

Such disgusting hypocrisy from republicans. They've stolen one election with the supreme court, now they are setting up to do it again.

Jon 0 months

Can't wait for Biden and the newly democratic Senate to seat 3 new liberal justices 😀👍

Big Peeper
Big Peeper 0 months

Dems are big dummies

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