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Parliament topples Swedish government in historic no-confidence vote

Parliament topples Swedish government in historic no-confidence vote

Sweden’s parliament has passed a vote of no confidence in PM Lofven. A total of 181 of the 349 MPs voted in favor of the motion. It is the first time in Swedish history that a PM has been ousted in such a vote. Lofven has a week to resign or call a snap election. This comes as Sweden’s Left party called for the no-confidence vote amid a row over proposals to end a rent cap on new-build flats.

Alex Högström
Alex Högström 0 months

As a swede this makes me very happy, mr Loven has been in power for 8 years. It was about time for change!

Amy 0 months

I wish all countries gave the option to depose their leaders this way. It could really cut down on corruption and institutional mismanagement.

MrLoseddos 0 months

The most interesting part in this story is that the party furthest to the left demanded the vote, and they were supported in the vote by the right wing parties to gain a majority. I just hope we can come out from this with a strong conservative government.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 0 months

The social Democrats got thrown out because they wanted to ease controls on rent? The most left party in the country saw that people don’t build apartments they can’t make money on so they let them set the price, and they got thrown out? The left eased government restrictions, did I read that right? Someone from Sweden please explain this.

Hissaturatedness 0 months

Note to self...Make sure you put on your glasses before opening NewsVoice app. I read this as 'Permanent Topless Swedish Government'

Mediocrity's 0 months

I wish that was an option here in the U.S.. It would have been implemented numerous times, Especially between 2017, 2018, 2019, and even most of 2020 before the election.

Christian 0 months

Does the dissatisfaction have anything to do with Sweden completely ignoring COVID last year, which resulted in off-the-charts numbers of cases and deaths? Wouldn't conservatives just continue (or expand) such an ignorant approach to handling this and other problems backed by science and facts, since the right likes to ignore or dispute the reality that they don't like?

eclipseNF 0 months


Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 0 months

Atleast now the people should use this chance to vote in a conservative government.

JakeN 0 months

Good job, some good work done for the people of sweeden

Miguel 0 months

This is kind of ridiculous... All they needed was 51% of the vote? I forsee a day when this is used more often if that's all they need

Doug 0 months

Just imagine a no-confidence vote, snap elections in U.S. (;-)

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

Sweden has almost been utterly destroyed by uber leftist policies. It's on the verge of becoming a middle east country.

Seekster 0 months

Wait what happened to the "feminist" government in Sweden?

WooToo 0 months

Fantastic news! So envious of their democracy.

Indo 0 months

That's the way to do it. Top heavy governments need a topple. Make it happen. Enough of I rule, so I say so !!

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