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Morbo 0 months

Notice how none of the countries listed are rightwing or conservative. No small state, low tax, laws apply to the individual, countries. All group identity, group laws, big state, high tax countries.

Devon 0 months

Is it not their job to prevent that stuff, looks like they’re doing a pretty bad job at it. Also I hate the anti-Christ.

Green Jonny
Green Jonny 0 months

Only because the UN has decided things that are not rights should be rights.

Justin 0 months

We need a severe global economic collapse so that Bitcoin can rise as the cure to poverty.

chris 0 months

But, oh my God. The oppression is only in the U.S.

Indo 0 months

Well the downturn has done its job of showing us up. We need to wake our brains as best as we can. No more we rule, so we say so. Government is not ruling. Get it right into the centre of your brains.

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