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Maxine Waters: Trump, campaign should be investigated for any Jan. 6 role

Maxine Waters: Trump, campaign should be investigated for any Jan. 6 role

Rep. Maxine Waters is demanding former President Trump and his 2020 campaign be investigated for any role in the Jan. 6 rioting by his supporters at the Capitol. ’It should be concerning that FEC reports show the Trump Campaign, at some point, paid over $2.7 MILLION to people who helped organize Jan. 6!’ Waters tweeted. Waters also blasted Republicans for blocking an investigation into the riot.

Rocky 0 months

This is the same lady that ACTUALLY incited violence against others. Wow. The lack of self awareness in the left is unbelievable. We already know that pelosi played more of a role in the Jan 6 storming of the capital than Trump. Trump specifically denounced violence and asked those protesting to do so peacefully. Pelosi knew there was a threat of those (that were never at the rally) were possibly going to breach the capital and refused to increase police presence. These delusional people like Maxine should be removed for not having their mental faculties intact.🤦🏽‍♂️ Hell the capital incident di'n't even have anything to do with Trump anyway. His supporters were at his rally at the time. The reason the capital was stormed was because the people there, and around the country, were sick of the elites denying the will of the people and suck of them manipulating the system so only the voices they want are heard. The people saw the fake election and how it was twisted and contorted from the executive branch officials changing election policies without the legislative branch passing new laws (illegal) and how preferential treatment was given to mail in ballots allowing them to vote after the deadline as well as several other illegal discrepancies. ALL VOTES NEED TO BE TREATED EQUALLY! That is the cause of the anger that sparked the capital incident. Not some fantasy wet dreams the left has of their orange boogey man.

jamie 0 months

Ah typical left play. Some stuff is coming out so they have to make claims to pull focus. Ole slight of hand yet again. Let’s just save some time for everyone and have someone issue a correction now that the claim is bunk. Then we don’t have to do the fake “whaaaaat” when it comes out down the road

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 0 months

This come from the women who called for people to get in the face of members of the Trump administration when it public. Who also called for people to harass Republican officials in public as well. Told BLM to do whatever it takes in Minneapolis. She has called for violence on multiple occasions

John W
John W 0 months

Maxine shouid be investigated for encouraging riots and violence and billions in arson damage. More Than 2,000 Officers Injured in Summer's Protests and Riots

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 0 months

Isn't it about time that the US had age limitations on government service? Be advisers if you must but 82 is frankly way past retirement age. I don't think it's unreasonable to have a retirement age of 65 or 70 for Congress and the Senate. Oh and the presidency.

Tachyon 0 months

Says the angry evil cow guilty of inciting nation wide riots that caused billions in damages, multiple deaths, and untold numbers of injuries.

Deet 0 months

Can we investigate the democrates for their role in the 600,000 covid death? Since they are trying to cover up the fact that they allowed china to spread its disease?

edwin 0 months

Talk about pot and kettle. The woman who was inciting violence and unrest for 4 years and pushing to intimidate a jury is calling for someone else to be invested...

Sigfried 0 months

You know what? I'm actually for a 1/6 commision. Not because of what Maxine thinks we should do. I'd actually like to know how FBI fumbled intel on an abduction/assassination attempt the lefties keep telling me about. Especially after I learned that up to 1/3 of the organization was possibly infiltrated agents and/or confidential informants. I want to know how many were in leadership roles and why they never gave warning.

fassil 0 months

Who else could have planned and encouraged the Jan 6 madness, besides Trump and those who have lost their minds out of pure and fantasized FEAR ?

Delta Jade
Delta Jade 0 months

Who will investigate Waters for her calling for violence if a jury didn't vote the way she wanted them to?

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 0 months

Maybe Maxine Waters should be investigated for rigging a trial by influencing jurors and threatening to incite violence based on the verdict? Maybe Maxine Waters should be investigated and tried for the Minneapolis riots by BLM under the name of George Floyd? Maybe Maxine Waters should be investigated for.... Well you get the picture.

thepuckchucker 0 months

She can stop being a race baiter and hate monger, then look at others. Ignorant smh.

MeanMax 0 months

They should add the same enthusiasm into investigating all of the BLM riots, looting and vandalism in the multiple cities that the Democratic Party incited.

Michael 0 months

Yall care so much about checking everything even if there is no evidence, like the election. But when someone wants to look into somethung that might not go in your favor you immediately start attacking the other person. No better than the other side, look in the mirror people.

Small town conspiracy 1776
Small town conspiracy 1776 0 months

Maxine Wawas should be investigated for inciting violence upon the half of the country!

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 0 months

They should be PROSECUTED for starting it and trying to steal an election.

O'Brien 0 months

At what point does America wake up from its coma and realize the Long March is not just a cute name? You are losing all your institutions to corruption, you government is actually persecuting political prisoners, politicians like Waters are demanding incarceration of political opponents, your education, academia, judiciary, law enforcement, military and bureaucracies are pretty much hopelessly compromised by neo-Marxist ideologies and the government is trying its best to permanently corrupt the voting system through legislation. It’s time to decide whether you love America enough to save it.

nathan 0 months

That gasbag needs deflating. She literally incited and called for violence against President Trump, his family, staff, and supporters. She is the only thing in DC worse than Pelosi.,anyone who supports it should have their citizenship revaked and be sent to Siberia.

ozzy 0 months

i hate everyone including u

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