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Another weekend in Chicago with dozens of shootings, 8 killed and 54 wounded

Another weekend in Chicago with dozens of shootings, 8 killed and 54 wounded

At least 54 people were wounded and eight were killed in dozens of shootings and other incidents reported throughout Chicago over the weekend, police said Monday.

MeanMax 0 months

So Dems, how's that strict gun control working out for you there...? Any chance that you'll figure out that you're working on the wrong end of the problem? 🤔

nathan 0 months

Democrat run Chicago…one of the top 3 worst places to live in the US. Baltimore and St. Louis are in the top 3 followed by San Francisco, Portland, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Austin…hmmmm what is the common factor??? All oead by democrats.

coughdrop1989 0 months

Funny how the article says "11 killed and 50 injured across the USA" There was 8 deaths and 54 gun injuries in Chicago alone lol.

Leonard 0 months

Please provide the racial breakdown. We can then all see where the problem lies.

Leonard 0 months

Another black holiday, just what we needed, another excuse for blacks to hit the streets and violate the law.

Leonard 0 months

Per the FBI UCR, Table 43, blacks, who are 13% of the population, commit 53% of the murders and armed robberies - a per population rate SEVEN times that of all others. And 37% of violent crime in general - FOUR times. That is what leads to more encounters with police. The rate at which cops kill blacks, 25%, is actually LOWER than the rate at which they commit crime. Cops are more likely to kill whites or Latinos in an encounter.  The only reason it's dangerous to be a black man in America is because it probably means you're around other black men.

Rush 0 months

Only a microscopic fraction of deaths compared to the leading killers in America: Heart Disease and Cancer. If people really cared about stopping mass murder McDonalds and Burger King would be the first to go.

Rocket 0 months

Lori Lightfoot, the Deranged mayor of the 'Murder Capitol of the USA', has done a superb job turning Chicago into a pile of 💩💩💩. Strictest gun laws in the country and yet the most violent city for gun crimes in the country. 🤔

Andrew Kenney
Andrew Kenney 0 months

Those damn white supremacists.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

Since most don't have fathers let's make up a Holiday for them so they can get the guns a blazing. 😂🤣

chris 0 months

Yep. Guns are the problem for this. Maybe the left should start looking at the gun operators in order to place blame.

Indo 0 months

America. Which part of america. The north or the south. Get your heads outta wherever they be now. Learn to walk the walk and talk the talk. Don't mumble or grumble.

OrKos world
OrKos world 0 months

Just make Chicago a prison state. And close it off if all they wanna be known for is deaths and shootings.

Green 0 months

BLM, why is your money not going to help this?

Ee 0 months

And that's how you celebrate Juneteenth.

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 0 months

Another day, another mass shoooting in the US. What a totally fd up country.

Good Green Goy
Good Green Goy 0 months


Daniel 0 months

This happens every weekend but it doesn’t make for dramatic ground breaking news.

tim 0 months

Happy June what ever day holiday. Showing what it has to offer

EliteWizard407 0 months

Almost as many as are killed by police...annually

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