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Indo 0 months

So now we know just how wonderful our manufacturing processes are. Make as you please. If too much just crush them. Let the garbagemen tackle them. Mind our own businesses.

Remy 0 months

Orrrr... and I know this might be crazy... have a liquidation sale? Not sure how Bezos with his momey-making brain has not thought of taking overstock and creating a platform for low-cost bidding or something.

Phoenix 0 months

What a waste!

Mansoor 0 months

Peak capitalism. Should be donated to schools to use... i understand why they dont donate it to the public because it would decrease the value of the product. But to schoola it shouldnt matter.

Trevor 0 months

It's completely dumb but the crime is vehicles, engines, building materials paid for at an unreasonable price by the us government wasted at us operations in foreign countries. Brand new 20 thousand dollar Toyota diesel. Well, plans changed, can't use it so crush it.

Mr. Bruce
Mr. Bruce 0 months

Home Depot throws new items away all the time, because 'headquarters' deems it unworthy to sell, wouldn't even discount it, just sends in all to the landfill!!! Makes me SICK

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