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Gregorio 0 months

This is just more of the insidious use of the democrat run "deep state" or "administrative state" to gaslight the American population that they are "identifying the terrorists" or they are "doing the job that the DOJ refuses to do"! The ATF or any government agency can be weaponized to further harden the attempts at ideological shifts the leftists running the exectutive want to accomplish. We can expect the "administrative state to declare white republicans as potential terrorists" and "enemies of the state". They have already had the AG declare "white supremacy groups" code words for "republicans" as the "most dangerous groups in America! " How long before "apple pie" is declared the "most dangerous FOOD in America! They already convinced you that murdering unborn babies is perfectly normal so the rest of the slide into a socialist hell should be quite easy. I am convinced that Biden is not actually Biden but actually the reincarnated Woodrow Wilson carrying out his progressive dreamscape!

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

How does a group of unelected bureaucrats with a limited shelf life hope to enforce a rule that lasts forever? The next Republican in office will simply void the rule. There is also zero chance it will be enforced in red states or have any effect in blue states (except to make people move to red states). There are already laws regarding how long FFL dealers must keep the info. A new 'rule' will only be enforceable in the short term, and therefore is completely useless.

kevin 0 months

Yay finally some good news. A national gun registry is long overdue.

Jon 0 months

Looks like I will become an immigrant of another country that will uphold its constitution

g. 0 months

I'm a gun owner, I own a lot of guns ,I'd have no problem registering my guns, I'm not a criminal.

zJamz 0 months

Gun control is historically a racist endeavor.

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