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Stop expecting Trump to ’abide by the rules’, says Mary Trump

Stop expecting Trump to ’abide by the rules’, says Mary Trump

Mary Trump, the niece of President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that people should stop expecting the President to ’abide by the rules’ during the presidential debates. She also further said that moderators and the public should stop considering Mr. Trump as a ’normal candidate.’ Mary Trump also described her uncle’s debate behavior as ’exhausting.’

Tom A
Tom A
Eileeñ 0 months

Trump is incapable of talking policy so but best thing is devide lie about Biden so bullies his opponent because that's all he knows.

Jon 0 months

Even the debate commission whos head guy is a lifelong Republican has said all debates must be agreed upon by both campaigns, nothing is rigged. These accusations are completely false.

Janice 0 months

What a lying person. I wouldn't want to be her in public what will be shouted at her won't be good . most of us love and admire TRUMP. Don't believe the news or polls. 2020.

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