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Evidence of self defense in shooting, TV guard’s lawyer says

Evidence of self defense in shooting, TV guard’s lawyer says

Public defender Valerie Cole, who is representing a television station security guard accused of having shot and killed a demonstrator during opposing right- and left-leaning rallies this month, told a judge that there was ’obvious evidence of self-defense.’ Cole also requested the judge to consider lowering the security guard’s $500,000 bond so he could have a chance of being released from jail.

porcus 0 months

That was NOT self-defense. Video/photo evidence shows Dolloff gets pimp-slapped, grabs his pistol, then the other guy backs up (big mistake, should have stayed up close) and begins spraying his bear spray at the time that Dolloff fires his pistol. This was murder.

ConcealCarryProtect 0 months

Getting slapped in the face is not justified use of a firearm. Good luck proving reasonable fear of life and limb. He got slapped because he aggressor first as well.

Amoneywilson 0 months

Self defense claims fails when the gunshot victim is moving away from gunman and shot for using pepper spray.

Doug 0 months

Anti-gunners sure are fighting hard to use this case to get Rittenhouse convicted. These are individual cases with people's lives in the balance; not bargaining chips to be used to advance an agenda.

Jon 0 months

If you find what Rittenhouse did as self defense and not this you are a hypocrite. He was physically attacked first.

John W
John W 0 months

Also the first reaction of a guard, according to training is to leave an area ,that is too hot. It's not stand your ground and agitate. He should have said we are leaving and backaway maybe 15 or 20 feet. Reporters are supposed to be observe and report, not inject themselves into the situation. There were photos showing the reporters seeming to be working with the guy in the black guns matter shirt. An agitator. The female photographer is known as the antifa reporter, because they are very friendly with her at events.

Glen 0 months

The new self-defense, iam a Demac.

John 0 months

I saw multiple videos of the same event. From what I saw, right before the shooting the victim was threatening another with mace. During the argument, the victim and the man he was arguing (NOT THE SHOOTER) seemed to be the only actively aggressive ones in the group. A few others (not everyone in the crowd) were gathering right behind the victim seemingly to intimidate the man the victim was arguing with. I distinctly heard and saw from the videos that the self-defense spray (mace or pepper spray perhaps?) went off first, then the gun shot came. With the information available to me, right now with 20/20 hindsight and multiple povs in form of recordings of the incident, I know that this situation could have and should have been avoided. That said, the shooter did not have the benefit of full knowledge of the situation. From his perspective, I see reason to believe that if he was incapacitated (being pepper sprayed perhaps) serious harm could done to him by the then-future victim and/or the crowd who was being rather aggressive. Self-defense isn't that farfetched to me.

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 0 months

Get some mace and spray yourself a little. Just to see what it feels like. Now, picture this. A large man is spraying you. You're going to be fairly incapacitated. It's he going to yank your gun and shoot you? Does he have a knife? Is he going to hurt you with bare hands while you're incapacitated? In a tense situation on an adrenaline high, a younger man did something stupid to a guy who also did something stupid. This is not black and white.

Janice 0 months

I can see self defense. There violent people.

Tony 0 months

He's legally not a security guard.

darkwingsmurf 0 months

He wasn’t a guard well at least not a licensed one so.....

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 0 months

Press X to Doubt.

Eric 0 months

The new self defense, “their words were threatening to me”.

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