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Mike 0 months

How do you charge it off-road? This is the dumbest EV. Truly disappointing seeing a truck go from an H1 to this. AM General should’ve never sold to GM

William 0 months

I like the specs and the tech, but the looks are fugly. It's like an H2 and an avalanche had a baby. Hopefully it looks better in person. The price makes me scratch my head though. GM is so far behind and this truck will not get them any traction in the EV market. I would rather have seen an affordable Camaro EV or even a compact sporty EV.

Janice 0 months

I really like it but not the price.

Erik 0 months

I welcome any vehicle that is fully electric, incl. Cybertruc, Rivian, Badger (?) and now, Hummer.

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