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Australian prison to be evacuated due to plague of mice

Australian prison to be evacuated due to plague of mice

A mouse plague ravaging Australia’s farmlands has forced the evacuation of hundreds of inmates from a rural jail on Tuesday. Scores of mice have gnawed through ceiling panels and wiring at a New South Wales prison. Up to 420 inmates and 200 staff members from the Wellington Correctional Center will be moved to other facilities by the end of the month.

Alex 0 months

Emu Wars Part 2: Rodent Boogaloo

Avery Lee
Avery Lee 0 months

Of all the Australian wildlife to force an evacuation of anything, I never expected it to be mice.

Darin 0 months

We could live trap all the feral cats here in the US an ship them to Australia...

OrKos world
OrKos world 0 months

Im sure they can solve that problem by just adding snakes into the prison. Its Australia for gods sake there should be an abundance of snakes around.

Zach 0 months

The mice aren't eating nothing. Isn't this a food safety issue?

Billy 0 months

How appropriate. Hmmm....

Yankee 0 months

We better let out all the inmates here in the States just to be safe .

SMT SHT 0 months

Estimates of more than a billion mice.... Imagine the damage a billion Chinese could do.

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