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The topics for the final presidential debate revealed

The topics for the final presidential debate revealed

With 12 days to go until Election Day on Nov 3, Trump and Biden have their final chance to make their case in front of a massive national audience which will be watching and listening on radio, TV and online, as the two make their appearance on the final presidential debate. The topics are fighting COVID-19, American families, national security, leadership, climate change and race in America.

Tom A
Tom A
Jim 0 months

It’s simply unbelievable that a DNC supporter is considered a neutral moderator. Seriously, there are no Independants for these debates ?

Jim 0 months

Topics include: Why is Trump President ? Why Trump shouldn’t be President ? What we will accuse him of if he wins again ? What totally illogical and insecure process can we put into place to put the election in doubt so we can claim Trump stole it ? How can we totally make up stuff about Trump and get the media to cover it as fact ? If Trump condemns anything how long willl we run stories telling folks he didn’t ? Can we hide the previous clips of him doing so ? Why is Biden so perfect ? When will I mute Trump ? Will I ever mute Biden ? Mute button/ inaccurate ability to insert facts as Democrats tell them button

yuckycrumpet 0 months

Answer questions on topic? Trump? Ooookay then. Good luck with that.

ProveTheVotes 0 months

Trump vs Creepy Joe and friends

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 1 months

But his supporter eat up those conspiracies LOL. Man it would be sweet if making stuff up was actually what ended Trump.

Mutatis 0 months

Seems like most of these were brought up in the first debate, though perhaps national security can be used for a novel topic. Of course, that is assuming the host will not frame the question in a way that makes it a retread.

Connor 0 months

Hopefully will be a good debate. Excited to watch

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