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It was wrong to block links to Biden story, Twitter boss Jack Dorsey says

It was wrong to block links to Biden story, Twitter boss Jack Dorsey says

After a backlash, especially from the American right-wing, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said it was wrong for the microblogging platform to have blocked links to a story on Hunter Biden’s leaked emails and pics. Dorsey tweeted: ’Straight blocking of URLs was wrong and we updated our policy and enforcement to fix,’ adding ’Our goal is to attempt to add context, and now we have capabilities to do that.’

Something Witty
Something Witty 0 months

Yes, it’s wrong (and should be illegal) to censor on platforms like Facebook which have become the new public square. But hey, that’s why we need to reform the laws. Oh wait... it’s politically beneficial for the elites to personally select what can be said. Welp, I guess that’s never going to happen.

Rocket 0 months

Jack Dorsey is going to realize the gravity of his persistent censorship of conservative viewpoints. Another tech CLOWN. 💩

Joe 0 months

I’m sure he’s sorry because Twitter censoring the story only doubled its exposure and hurt his and Twitter’s credibility.

Jim 0 months

Yes next time they will just stamp “ Trump lies” All over the post, you know to promote fairness and stuff, cause they are completely fair people. Jezz if twitter or FB were to edit all the lies on their platforms they would delete 99% of all the posts. They are political hacks and it’s that simple

Conrad 0 months

You are pathetic...

k0sen 0 months

Should never have had it censored! Should have removed trumps vile evil bullshit outright, and closed his accounts and those of his even wackier followers. Child kidnapping pieces of shit.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 0 months

The fate of twitter google and facebook are directly tied to the election now. They’ve done too much to support the left to fade out of the Republicans’ crosshairs now. They desperately need the Democrats to hold onto some way to block legislation, because if they don’t get that changes to section 230 are the least they’ll have to worry about.

Aaron 0 months

Damn strait! Must of thought it was on their China network.

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 0 months

Jack, you are full of s*%€!!! You knew it was wrong before you did it, you just wanted to see if you could get away with it and for how long. You’re already planning to do it again.

Chris 0 months

No duh

JMMA-Z 0 months

Ya think!

Troy 0 months

Dorsey is a boring fool.

Eric 0 months

Damage is already done.

ben 0 months

and what have they done since, Mr. Dorsey? nice con to give us the "prayer" look...very Jobs of you. Are there any beltless jeans or black turtle necks available from the Apple collection?

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 0 months

Blatantly censor - sees backlash - oh dear, we were wrong. See? We are repenting. We don’t engage in censorship.

Billy 0 months

In the eyes of true patriotic Americans his political ploy should cost him dearly. He won't be forgotten or forgiven. Time to pay the piper. Oh, and Mr. Zuckerberg...........

Andrew 1010
Andrew 1010 0 months

Unlock the NY Post Page Ass nugget!

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