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Sweden is toughening its Covid-19 approach when cases rise in Europe

Sweden is toughening its Covid-19 approach when cases rise in Europe

One country that has attracted a lot of attention during the coronavirus pandemic is Sweden. It has never opted for lockdown, instead keeping its economy open but relying on individuals to wear masks and socially distance. But now with COVID-19 surging in Europe, Sweden is quietly toughening up its approach for the first time.

axl4r 1 months

They gave regions the right to go further than the national recommendation. Only one region has put in tougher recommendations at this moment. For the rest of us it's the same: Keep distance, wash your hands and if you have symptoms you stay at home!

Shane 1 months

Not sweden too. 6000 deaths works out at an annual fatality rate of not even 0.06%. Is it really worth risking the stability of the economy and people's lives to bring that figure down just a little? There are lots of factors beyond lockdowns that prevent deaths. My home country has had extensive lockdowns and sits at 0.04% death rate, while Norway sits at 0.005%. They are not the determining factor, nor the solution. The consequences of lockdowns on the population going forward will far outweigh whatever benefits they'll provide. It's not that hard. With all the brainpower in this world, can we really not think of a solution to isolate the vulnerable while keeping the rest of the country open? How about having stores dedicate certain hours in the day to the vulnerable only? What if governments set up special delivery services for the vulnerable? You know, that would cost a lot less than the insane covid payments being doled out because of lockdowns. I'm beginning to lose faith in our problem-solving abilities. Everything is emotional and narrow-minded. Oh, a 10-year-old died from covid. Omg. Lock down we must. You know, ~4x as many people under the age of 44 die from road accidents in my country every year than has died of covid (76 vs 20). Should we ban road travel then too? What do people think? Are we losing our rationale as a species? Or is there some greater scheme at play? It seems like they're the only two possibilities..

Mattias 1 weeks

Swedens approach om Covid should have worked a lot better if people followed the guidelines instead of trying to get around them. Stay home, avoid going out to meet people and respect the guidelines given! You don't have to go to the pub, you won't die if you skip the vacation this year (you might actually if you don't) and it's completely ok considering the ongoing situation to visit your frienda, family and relatives online instead of irl.

Ilya Yakymenko
Ilya Yakymenko 1 months

Better be toughing up their border patrol

Sweden 1 months

The 2nd wave didnt reach Sweden yet and hopefully will not. Lets hope the new local restrictions will get a good response! Mr Tegnell looked a bit worried at the news yesterday though...

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