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US state department approves $1.8 billion prospective arms sales to Taiwan

US state department approves $1.8 billion prospective arms sales to Taiwan

The US Department of State has approved the prospective sale of three weapons systems to Taiwan, including sensors, missiles and artillery worth $1.8 billion. Reuters earlier week reported that the White House was moving ahead with sales of sophisticated military equipment to Taiwan with a total value of $5 billion as US ramps up pressure on China over Beijing’s intent towards Taiwan.

Indo 0 months

And all this wouldn't be happening, if the HK brexit was handled more businesslike. Not dumped and retreated from without Amy strings attached. We live and we gotta learn.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 0 months

Good, they’ve been using equipment decades out of date. IIRC they’re still using F-5s (Jets from the late Vietnam era). We’re already giving a lot of allied countries stealth tech with the F-35, May as well add Taiwan to that list (as it’s stealth will help defeat Chinese Navy radar system, improving the chances of any strikes against invasion fleets). IDK how good their tanks are, but a few M1A1s might be in order as well. EDIT: Just double checked the wiki and while they do have F-5s it looks like they’re in the minority, their most advanced aircraft look to be F-16s (likely older versions) and a domestic fighter design (the F-CK-1C)

Eric 0 months

I don’t like the idea of selling our defense, even to our friends.

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