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Trump downplays Obama’s return to campaign trail

Trump downplays Obama’s return to campaign trail

Reacting to former president Barack Obama’s return to the campaign trail to rally support for Joe Biden, President Trump dismissed his potential impact on the election. ’There is nobody that campaigned harder for ’Crooked’ Hillary Clinton than Obama. He was all over the place,’ Trump said. Obama, on Wednesday, delivered his first in-person speech on behalf of Biden at an event in Philadelphia.

Neil 0 months

Can Obama shut up already, the dude has already done enough damage it would be best if he just shut up.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 0 months

While Joe hides in his basement to avoid being questioned on his son's corruption Obama takes to the stage to cover for him. One has to wonder whether Obama knew what was going on with burisma

yuckycrumpet 0 months

Funny. Given how every living president is voting Biden this election, republican or not.

Eileeñ 0 months

Is unbelieveable that trump supporters live the hate trump talks about his grievances rather than polices bashing rather calm ,pointing fingers rather that worry about pendamic,yes trump has dropped the ball willingly about cov19 hod out there telling dont be afraid I want trump supporters to ask trump one thing, when you get the cov19 are they going to get the same health care possible to deal with cov19 is he willing to pay thousands in behalf of the people that are willing to get cov19?

The Troy Prouty
The Troy Prouty 0 months

Great job Obama and so true. Stop Trumps drama queen daily. This administration is filled with crazies that allow behavior not becoming of any leader. Its time to bring respect back to the United States. Focus on other than just drama to boost moral of self. Its sad what Trump brought.

Eileeñ 0 months

One other thought does it make ok that trump is willingly being reckless with other people health rights! Doesn't he single handedly have to right to expose others that fallowing cdc guide lines. Why is trump playing with our lives and why are trump s supporters endangering others by not fallowing cdc so I guess what I mean to say is if trumpets want us to respect that musk wearing is not for the . Than why cant they respect us who want protect ourselves and our loved ones do there is a mayor disconnect from reality. Selfish people

Janice 0 months

Obama was part of this scandal too. He had to know what was going on all those years. Biden was traveling to those countries and what did Obama think he was on vacation? No ! And on our planes and expenses. Obama bought a 14 million house last year. Follow the money as it's said. This is going to be something when it's untangled.

Mickey Juice
Mickey Juice 0 months

It's now time to bring in the clown Obama to run defense for the DNC. This reeks of desperation and I for one am loving it. Trump 2020.

plastic African
plastic African 0 months

Can't even get wet pants biden out so you got to bring the obomba out of his cave. Lol!!!

Jus Saying
Jus Saying 0 months

Yucky that's because they're all part of the establishment, Trumps not, that's why! You support the big corporations by supporting Biden. All previous President have been funded by the big banks and oil companies, and you support that. Yucky do you ever ask why or do just accept everything at face value? Maybe, you should start using that thing in your skull... If there is anything there.

WWG1WGA 0 months

Well being obozo and creepy Joe utter incompetence they created a the path for TRUMP to become president. If not for them it would have been the 2 evil deep state puppets vs each other bush or Clinton choose which is more vile.

Individual > collective
Individual > collective 0 months

Looks like the man who put kids in cages is trying to put himself in the public eye again, you probably won't hear him complain about trump immigration centers right? Oh wait...

One US Man
One US Man 0 months

Obama talking up Creepy Joe in a small parking lot to a hand full of people is funny. Wonder how much he was getting from China.

Dayquan 0 months

I think he mad because this is second time here lose against him

Rich 0 months

Nugger knows that when President Trump is re-elected, he will hang for Treason! During Biden's failed presidential bid, nugger told him to not run. Now that everything has failed, he's trying to keep from being executed for Treason.

Black jack
Black jack 0 months

Obama is a master at driving the crazies even crazier. LOL!

Jon 0 months

It was a breath of fresh air hearing complete and coherent sentences 🥰 and I do''t even like Obama but good God was it nice.

chuck 0 months

Boy are the Democrats getting Desperate.....

Aaron 0 months


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