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Schumer blasts Trump as GOP prepares to block major voting rights bill

Schumer blasts Trump as GOP prepares to block major voting rights bill

Sen. Schumer condemned former President Trump’s ’stolen election’ narrative and its invasive influence in GOP-dominated state legislatures. ’How despicable a man is Donald Trump? He lost an election legitimately. He can’t face that, that it was his failure, and he creates a lie, a big lie,’ Schumer said. Those ’despicable lies’ have ’lit a fire beneath Republican state legislatures,’ he added.

nathan 0 months

Someone tell this decriped pieceofforeskin that Donald Trump isnt the president now and ensuring on,y citizens who are alive and of legal age only vote once and that that vote counts is all republicans and Americans want. NOT voter expansion so uselesspieceofforskin schummer and the rattailed democrats cam cheat every election.

Darth Vader
Darth Vader 0 months

Chuck Schumer is upset that Trump won't accept he lost. This come from a man whose party jumped up and down screaming for 4 years straight that Trump and Russia stole the 2016 election. This coming from a man whose party tried to say Trump worked with Russia. Coming from a man whose party tried to impeach Trump over Ukraine because as Adam Schiff said, he was worried voters would make the "wrong choice". Chuck Schumer or any Democrat is in no position to lecture Republicans or the public in general on accepting defeat graciously.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 0 months

Chucky knows no one gets headlines like Trump, so he must invoke his name as much as possible to get people to pay attention to him. He's basically Peter crying "Wolf'.

Hollowhammer 0 months

Voting rights bill? You mean make it easier for fraud in voting bill and a power grab from the feds to take away states rights?

Jon 0 months

TRUMP IS GONE! HE ISN'T PRESIDENT ANYMORE. Please stop talking about him. You losers.

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 0 months

If the ballot totals are less than the digital vote totals... Rigged election. If more than 1% of the ballots went to adjudication, rigged election. If the json election data went through another country via vpn... Rigged election. If people scanned ballots multiple times, rigged election. And 200 other things that occurred. This was in fact, a rigged election.

Phil Scott
Phil Scott 0 months

Stfu, you dodgy pos. Next.

O'Brien 0 months

Hope the Pennsylvania Legislature proceeds with their audit. Should be fun.

Jon 0 months

Schumer should be blasting Manchin. The Republicans were never going to vote with Democrats on anything.

Shmule 0 months

Courts need to define a few things: may non-citizens vote, may some people vote multiple times, how can we know if they do, and what gives the Fed government the right to dictate how states decide their election rules. I suspect HR1 will be tossed out, if passed, based on the last question. We still have a Constitution, much to the Dems chagrin.

Daniel 0 months

Not at all like the Russian collusion thing, right?

Daniel 0 months

“Voting rights bill” lol

Trevor 0 months

Good. Dissolute the republican party and have the libertarians come up.

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