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Palestinians, settlers clash in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

Palestinians, settlers clash in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

Palestinians and Jewish settlers have hurled stones, chairs and fireworks at each other overnight in a tense Jerusalem neighborhood where settler groups are trying to evict several Palestinian families. Israeli police arrested four suspects. The threatened evictions fueled protests and clashes in the runup to last month’s 11-day Gaza war and pose a test for Israel’s new governing coalition.

Morbo 0 months

Kick them out. The word Palestinian is what the Romans labelled the Jews who lived there TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO. Modern palestinians are Muslim who poured into the region to try and prevent Isreal getting their country back after the Ottomons kicked them out. Screw Islam andscrew muslim appologists.

Justin 0 months

Can’t wait for the antisemitic left to plague these comments once again 🥱

Trevor 0 months

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