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Duterte threatens to arrest Filipinos who refuse Covid jab

Duterte threatens to arrest Filipinos who refuse Covid jab

President Duterte threatened to jail people who refuse to be vaccinated against the coronavirus as the Philippines battles one of Asia’s worst outbreaks. ’You choose, vaccine or I will have you jailed,’ Duterte said in a televised address on Monday. ’Don’t get me wrong, there is a crisis in this country,’ he said, adding ’I’m just exasperated by Filipinos not heeding the government.’

Qanonsense 0 months

I'm no antivaxer, but this is wrong. Encourage them by limiting their benefits if you must (which should be determined by the free market anyway), but do not force them under threat of imprisonment.

OrKos world
OrKos world 0 months

Wait till they start dropping like flies. Crowding hospitals over the shots that they were forced to get. It would be political suicide for that president .

tanner313 0 months

Wonder how long it will be beofre U.S.A tries to do this 😬

kaleb 0 months

To be fair, if you watch the interview, he wasn't too serious about it, and admitted he was venting frustration. But, not really somehe should have said though.

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