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Senate  approves subpoenas for Facebook and Twitter CEOs over censorship bias

Senate approves subpoenas for Facebook and Twitter CEOs over censorship bias

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved subpoenas to force Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to testify before it on alleged anti-conservative bias on their platforms. This comes after both the platforms acted on a link to a New York Post article on Joe Biden’s son Hunter. Facebook said the article was still subject to throttling while Twitter banned the stories URL.

WWG1WGA 0 months

Just give them the ultimatum open platform or 230 protection will be removed quite simple. Yet another reason to vote for TRUMP or these evil companies will strip all speech which is not leftist group think. 1984 is in full speed and only TRUMP or at worst the 2nd Amendment will have to stop it

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months

You get what you [censored by NewsVoice] deserve

Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 0 months

Burn them down to the ground. Those two asclowns with Sundar Pichai are guilty of creating the most violent brainwashed societies in history. "Climate Change" is not a threat to planet earth. Facebook zombies are 10X's as dangerous.

Doug 0 months

Who cares about any of this fake theater? The fact remains that Big Tech is in violation of 230 and no one in Congress is willing to do anything about it. Anyone want to make a bet that a large portion of Congress is accepting money from Big Tech or an organization connected directly to Big Tech? This is the swamp people talk about.

Richard 0 months

These marxist and Commie techies need to be checked and put in their place.

Lisa 0 months

Sadly, "Social Media" is not socially responsible & Americans (I can't speak for other cultures) would rather be spoon fed opinionated pablum than take raw information and evaluate it. Facebook and Twitter claim to be combating "disinformation". Seems to me that a genuine endeavor to this end would be for these platforms to go off-line for a period of time until after, um, say, mid-November. Disinformation and claims of bias would become moot points. Let's face it, do these people really need more money, or do we all need the hatred, lying, and denying to subside? Hey, I'm just saying...

Barry 0 months

People need to start being sued for the cr@p they post

Janice 0 months

Maybe this could have to do with his wife being Chinese and face book is spying everything ? What a tradgic thought and it could be possible.

darkwingsmurf 0 months

Anddddddd they will do nothing. I’ll give Dems credit if this was reversed they would dog this till the end of time

Jason 0 months

To hell with twitter and Facebook. This stunt should reveal their real colors all though it’s pretty obvious. Not a trump fan not a Biden fan, not even an American. But censorship can’t not be tolerated left or right. Time to vote with you conscience not you gut America.

nevertrustnobody 0 months

This is just more whole lot of nothing. Congress is owned by big tech. We peasants see it but there’s really nothing we can do about it. Carry on peasant. Do your part and “vote for your rep and senator” to legitimize the entire process.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ devout centrist
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ devout centrist 0 months

Mad at algorithm, Senate judiciary committee demands meeting with managers. Bunch’s snowflake Karen’s hahaha

Billy 4 weeks

Oligarchs are just the beginning of becoming Russia. If Zuckerberg and Dorsey get away with this with a little slap on the wrist you might as well say the writing is on the wall. So Komrad, I mean friend, think hard about this. It could be the beginning of the end for the good ole U.S.A. A shudder would be applicable now.

E n
E n 0 months

There is no bias or censorship, the algorithms simply promote the more popular content. Its a small difference but it sure has some people in a tizzy.

systematic fighter
systematic fighter 0 months

Nothing will be done.

Seekster 0 months

Why is the word bias in quotes in the title? It really shouldn't be.

Philip 0 months

You know you can go someplace else for the conservative conversation. No one forces you to use these platforms. But the real truth is these media groups are not blocking any conservative voices.

nwhunt97 Gaming
nwhunt97 Gaming 0 months

Cool. Hopefully Congress remembers 230

James 0 months

Pretty much anything in print media or on social media needs to be fact checked nowadays.

Qanonsense 0 months

If there is not CLEAR AND AVAILABLE evidence supporting an accusatory article, that article can and SHOULD be removed. The hunter Biden laptop story isnt backed up by an evidence I've seen. And it has been analyzed by national intelligence, yet they've come out and said there's nothing there. But people are selectively deaf and are choosing to ignore the verdict and instead claim censorship. This is getting ridiculous, its another instance of media malpractice and it borders on defamation.

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